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Thursday, Jul 30, 2015
Moore, Lynx spoil Candace Parker's season debut
Maya Moore scores 27, Lynx beat Sparks 82-76 to spoil Candace Parker's season debut
Published: 07/29/15
Perry dials back Christian appeal in Iowa, cites job record
Rick Perry no longer emphasizing his Christian faith, in switch from last White House campaign
Published: 07/30/15
US judge rules Greenpeace in contempt for Oregon protest
Judge rules Greenpeace will be fined $2,500 an hour if protest blocking Shell ship continues.
Updated: 2 hours ago
Russia beats US for synchro mixed duet gold at worlds
Russia beats US to win synchro mixed duet free at swimming world championships
Updated: 2 hours ago
Drug firm AstraZeneca reports slide in earnings
Anglo-Swedish drug firm AstraZeneca reports slide in second quarter profits
Published: 07/30/15
Congress passes 3-month highway, transit aid patch
Congress passes 3-month bill to keep highway aid flowing to states 1 day ahead of deadline
Updated: 2 hours ago
Boston's bummer summer: Sox slump, Olympics snub, Brady out
Cheer up, Boston sports fans; it couldn't get any worse _ could it? Beantown's bummer summer
Updated: 11 hours ago
Philae probe finds evidence that comets can be cosmic labs
Philae probe gets a 'sniff' of acetone, indicating comets can concoct complex compounds
Updated: 2 hours ago
Great white shark thwarts marathon swim in San Francisco Bay
Shark thwarts California man's attempt to swim from the Golden Gate Bridge to Farallon Islands
Updated: 4 hours ago
Toyota robot can pick up after people, help the sick
Toyota's gliding 'human support robot' can pick up after elderly, help the sick
Published: 07/30/15
India hangs only man sentenced to die for 1993 Mumbai blasts
India hangs Yakub Memon, only person convicted for Mumbai bombings that killed 257 people
Published: 07/30/15
Northern California thrust into wildfire season
Several blazes thrust Northern California into wildfire season, pushing crews to the limit
Updated: 3 hours ago
Appeals court rules against online gambling firm's founder
US appeals court rejects effort by founder of online gaming firm to avoid $36 million tax
Updated: 4 hours ago
Canada approves abortion pill known as RU-486
Canada approves abortion pill known as RU-486
Updated: 3 hours ago
Church stabbing suspect didn't seem violent beforehand
Religious retreat official says suspect in stabbings didn't seem violent beforehand
Updated: 5 hours ago