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Saturday, Apr 18, 2015


It’s all about the numbers

When I read newspaper articles about something that violates accepted standards of decency or morality in a flagrant or shocking way, I often recall a crucial number for months thereafter.
Published: 04/16/15

Early school starts are tough on kids, and parents

Some problems are so complex that a good answer pleasing everyone is impossible. That’s the case with three Highlands County elementary schools and their start times.
Published: 04/12/15

Crimes against our most vulnerable sometimes hard to prosecute

We can all agree that crime of any kind is a bad thing, but we also can agree that some is worse than others. Crime against anyone due to their vulnerability is one of the worst kinds, and it happens here in Highlands County.
Published: 04/05/15

Passing feel-good legislation does little to improve our lives

For centuries, our politicians have used smoke and mirrors to get us all worked up over little things so they can ignore the big things. It’s still alive and well, in Florida as well as every other state and at the federal level. One example i...
Published: 03/29/15

U.S. 27 has many trouble spots that need improved

Being a highway engineer studying U.S. 27 through Avon Park and Sebring must be the challenge of a lifetime. Figuring out how to make all the traffic flow, with all the access points, would be a difficult task for any engineer. Despite the difficulty...
Published: 03/22/15

Macbeth is the right choice for Highlands County

Highlands County commissioners all know something a lot of other people also know: Keeping attorney Ross Macbeth as county attorney is the best result they could hope for when trying to fill the new salaried position.
Updated: 1 months ago

Illegal dumping is trashing our county

Avon Park officials have every right to be disgusted by illegal dumping and utter destruction that’s happening just outside its city limits on isolated county roads. They’ve complained and the county is promising action to clean up the ...
Updated: 1 months ago

Voter engagement is the key to fixing our democracy

It seems like people everywhere are throwing their hands up in disgust with Congress and our state legislatures. They believe nothing can be done to save what once were great institutions representing the people. But there are things that can be done...
Updated: 1 months ago

Exciting things are happening in our downtowns

There’s plenty going on around Highlands County. Our two cities and one town are humming along nicely, seeing great improvements over just a few short years ago, and the future looks bright.
Updated: 1 months ago

Other countries need to put boots on the ground

It’s great that Jordanian Air Force jets are pounding ISIS targets in response to the barbaric act of torching a Jordanian pilot who was captured. Add to that air strikes from America and others, and real successes are being seen in some areas...
Updated: 2 months ago