Monday, Jul 28, 2014

AP Florida

Fla. man convicted in case of terror group travel

Fla. man convicted, sent to prison in case of traveling to join African terror group
Published: 07/27/14

2.5M visitors to national parks in S Fla in 2013

National Park Service tallies over 2.5M visitors to South Florida's 4 national parks last year
Published: 07/27/14

Cuban ballet master gives classes in US

Cuban ballet master Ramona de Saa gives classes for first time in the US
Published: 07/27/14

2 Fla. brothers sentenced for food stamp fraud

2 Fla. brothers sentenced to more than 5 years prison for food stamp fraud
Published: 07/27/14

Former TODAY meteorologist to speak at Fla State

Former Today meteorologist Janice Huff to speak at Florida State summer commencement
Published: 07/27/14

Fla man accused of predatory towing at gay fest

Orlando man accused of predatory towing during Gay Days festival
Published: 07/26/14

Infrared camera catches Keys sea turtle hatchlings

Infrared camera catches loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings emerging from nest in Fla Keys
Published: 07/26/14


Published: 07/26/14

Fla GOP officials enjoy sugar industry ranch trips

Fla GOP officials enjoy trips to sugar industry ranch in Texas
Published: 07/26/14

Civil rights site returns to St. Augustine home

Civil rights era lunch counter returns to its roots in St. Augustine
Published: 07/26/14

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