Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014

AP Florida

Polo mogul retrial will get out-of-town jury

Polo mogul's retrial will get jury from outside Palm Beach; Tampa, Jacksonville considered
Published: 09/15/14

Obama deputy speaking at Hispanic Heritage event

Obama deputy to help kick off UCF Hispanic Heritage event
Published: 09/15/14

Panthers expanding tracks in Florida

Panthers expanding tracks in central Florida and beyond
Published: 09/14/14

Tourism, retirees may help Fla. with income gap

Tourists and influx of retirees may help Fla. deal with income gap that is impacting states
Published: 09/15/14

Fla. Gov. abandons tough talk from 2010 campaign

Fla. Gov. Scott has jettisoned the tough positions from his bruising 2010 campaign
Published: 09/14/14

Florida Lotto jackpot rises to $26 million

Florida Lotto jackpot rises to $26 million after no one picks all 6 winning numbers
Published: 09/14/14

2 Fantasy 5 player win $126,401.26 jackpot

2 Fantasy 5 players pick all 5 winning numbers for jackpot worth $221,366.04
Published: 09/14/14

50 dogs, 11 cats taken from Jacksonville house

50 dogs and 11 cats confiscated from Jacksonville woman's house
Published: 09/14/14

Reward increase for info on death of law professor

Reward increased to $25,000 for info on the killing of Florida State law professor Dan Markel
Published: 09/14/14

Coalition to push for solar energy in Florida

Renewable energy coalition to push for more solar in Florida
Published: 09/14/14

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