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Monday, Aug 03, 2015
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Hinote running for District 2 seat on county commission

Published:   |   Updated: October 31, 2013 at 11:38 AM

Vernon Leroy Hinote, 55, a Lorida Republican, grew up and lived most of his life in Lorida. He graduated from Sebring High in 1973. He is running for the District 2 seat on the Highlands County Commission.

You'll hire the next county administrator. What will you look for?

Preferably local with strong feelings for direction of county growth.

What should be a commissioner's priorities in cutting the budget?

Realizing that it has to be done, and starting where it hurts the least.

Is Highlands an urban county or a rural county?

It is both, with most land mass being rural. It would probably fall to the rural side of the controversy.

What is the most important issue affecting Highlands County?

The economy, and realizing cutting back spending on every level to adjust to the hard times we are in.

Which decision of the commission would you have made differently?

The firing of Mr. Wright at this time.

DCA defines Blue Head and Lake Placid North and South as sprawl. What's your opinion?

The presentations I have seen, if they are allowed to go with their plan, I do not see it as sprawl.

The commissioners were criticized for the way they fired Mike Wright. What should they have done?

After sitting through both meetings, hopefully there was more going on than the public was aware of to warrant such a drastic move. In the commissioner's defense, they each made decisions based on their relationship or lack of with Mr. Wright.

Highlands County owns an asphalt plant. What should be done with it?

The asphalt plant is there; it would be too costly to abandon it now.

The library loans DVDs, CDs, popular novels and shows movies. Which services should libraries provide?

No answer.

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