Thursday, Apr 24, 2014

Mayhem wins fall tourney

Published:   |   Updated: December 24, 2013 at 12:07 PM

SEBRING - Where can you be protected from Mayhem?

Surely not in Highlands County.

Thursday night at the Highlands County Sports Complex in Sebring, the Tolar Auto Team Mayhem dominated Team Jordan in the Recreation B League fall tournament softball challenge to take home the tournament crown.

The final two teams left standing, the matchup was a tight game through the early innings.

Mayhem demonstrated a flair for the dramatic, waiting until late in the game to ramp up the offense and pull away for a resounding 12-5 victory.

Good hitting and a slew of errors from Team Jordan allowed Mayhem to score seven runs in the final inning to pull away for the win.

Down big in its final at-bat, Team Jordan took the plate with a sense of impending defeat hanging over their heads.

The first two batters smacked deep fly balls, but both were caught for two quick outs.

Despite being one out away from losing the game, Team Jordan was fired up, knowing it could be going home soon.

The team followed with a couple of solid hits, punching them through Team Mayhem's infielders and into the outfield.

With runners in scoring position on second and third base, it appeared as if Team Jordan would put up a fight and make it a game with a two-out rally.

But the comeback was not to be.

Team Mayhem was just too sharp defensively, bouncing back from a handful of mistakes it made earlier to let Team Jordan on base to secure the third and final out and clinch the tournament championship.

Other teams in the Recreation B League fell out of the tournament but still managed to be league champions.

Bible Fellowship Church won the most games over the regular season, which makes it the overall league winner.


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