Friday, Apr 18, 2014
Agri Leader

Finding that special someone is easier than finding a needle in a haystack


Dating is hard for most people. It's hard to meet others who have like-minded interests, goals and personalities.

For farmers, ranchers and growers who live in remote locations, the prospect of dating can be even more challenging. However, the challenge is now diminished - thanks to Jerry Miller - who while working in the marketing and public relations sector of the ag industry, just happened to talk to someone who mentioned how difficult it was to meet new people when you "live out in the country".

Feeling her pain, Miller assured her that there was someone for everyone and within hours, he launched It's a place where those in the ag industry, and others, can connect to others who are in the ag industry or similar fields.

"City Folks Just Don't Get It," is a common phrase mentioned by Miller who also uses that same line as a tagline for his website. City folks don't often have the 24/7 jobs that farming demands, nor do they live in the remote locations that a rancher might contend with, nor do they have to quickly cover their crops when frost is expected, nor do they have to "get up with the chickens".

"I've had farmers tell me that they haven't taken a vacation in 20 years," said Miller who grew up in a rural area himself that was located in between a couple of farms.

While many of the prospects are looking for other prospects who live a farmer's life or who work in the ag industry, others who enjoy the offerings of the rural life, or who reside in small towns, or who are looking to relocate, also become members. uses a similar model as other dating sites, such as one posts a profile, adds a picture or two, and offers contact information, through the site, to initially connect to others. What kinds of photos one posts, and how much information they share on their profile, assists in making the right connection faster.

"Posting a few recent pictures is a good idea, as well as adding images and information about hobbies, such as horseback riding or line dancing, helps give the prospects a better idea of who you are," said Miller, who emphasized that there is someone out there for everyone and makes them simply easier to find.

"One man who I spoke with actually brought an interesting gift to his first date. The woman was a horse-owner and he brought her a couple of bales of hay," said Miller, who explained that this charming touch went over well.

Considering that the site launched just five years ago, has grown by leaps and bounds. In part, thanks to the dedication of Miller and his staff, and thanks also to the need that the ag community had for connecting with others in the first place.

CNN, Newsweek, Reader's Digest and even NPR, have all covered this successful site offering a unique ag niche. Many people have met, a good amount have entered long-term relationships, and yes, a notable amount of marriages have taken place - all thanks to, which has over 100,000 members across the country. Most of the dating that takes place is with others who are 50-100 miles away; however, even longer distance dating occurs. also offers a blog with tips, news and other fun information: They also have Facebook page, and you can follow them on Twitter.

For those who have been putting off getting out there and meeting someone else, or have gotten used to being lonely, perhaps today is in fact, "One of these days".


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