Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014

Lights Out live up to name


Has a team ever lived up more to its nickname?

Tuesday night in the local softball Recreational A League, Lights Out, sponsored by Michael Pollitt Inc., Air Conditioning and Heating battled Highlands OBGYN at the Highlands County Sports Complex.

Emerging from an eight-team league tournament, the game was a fierce contest of wills that ended in a wild shootout win for Lights Out, which survived by a score of 16-15.

The game was high-scoring from the outset. With Lights Out already holding a sizable lead early in the game, Highlands OBGYN knew it would need some big performances behind the plate. Highlands OBGYN was determined to lessen their opponent's lead by hitting hard. The first batter slammed the ball into the outfield and made it to second base. That was followed by another hit which scored two RBIs. When the inning ended, OBGYNs had shortened the deficit.

Feeling its lead shrink, Lights Out answered with a hitting flurry.

Mike Pollitt smacked a home run in the sixth inning, which brought his team's lead up six runs.

The game grew more intense over the middle innings.

Things got exciting when Lights Out went down in order during the seventh inning. When Highlands OBGYN had its chance at bat, they continued to bring runners in with base hits and a home run, bringing the score 16-15. It looked like they might pull it off and tie the game until a fly ball was caught, ending the game.

With the win, Lights Out secured the tournament title for the fall league.

Pollitt, who's been playing baseball since his grade school years, commented on his team's chemistry and the conditions of the field for spurring the victory.

"I've been playing with this team for six years," he said. "We started out at the YMCA fields and now we play here. The sports complex is good. We like it."

Other teams from the fall Recreational A League include the Beer Bums, AP Estates/Team Extreme, Sunshine Staffing/Alan Jay, McClure and Lobozzo, Old School, and I'd Hit It.

The Bums captured the league championship due to winning the most games during the fall season.


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