Sunday, Apr 20, 2014
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Sebring Parkway's next generation plans revealed


SEBRING - Florida Department of Transportation intends to spend more than $7.5 million on Sebring Parkway over the next five years.

About $3.7 million will go into finishing Phase 2 from Youth Care Lane to U.S. 27 S.

However, another $3.8 million will begin two options for a brand-new Phase 4: Option A creates a five-way roundabout with State Road 17 North, Basket Lake Road, Sebring Parkway Phase 4 and Arbuckle Creek Road. Option B is a four-way stop, but includes a curvey Sebring Parkway Phase 4.

Phase 1 started at U.S. 27 N. near Walmart and ended at downtown Sebring. Phase 2 completes the horseshoe around downtown to Highlands Regional Medical Center. Phase 3 will start at the 90-degree turn north of downtown and end at South Florida State College.

The projects, totaling $45.3 million, are shown on a five-year tentative work plan presented last week to the Highlands County commissioners. The plan also includes FDOT funding for six turn-lane projects beginning in fiscal year 2018:

$194,689 for SR 64 at US 27

$221,155 for SR 66 at Skipper Road

$420,378 for SR 17 from Helena to Sebring Parkway

$83,586 for US 17 at Manatee Drive, and

$180,982 for SR 17 at CR 17A.

The five-year program also includes 3,438 feet of sidewalk along Ponce DeLeon Boulevard in Sun N' Lake, also in fiscal year 2018. The cost estimate is $70,000.

The multi-use path along Memorial Drive to Sebring Parkway will be continued in fiscal year 2019, at a cost of $161,000.

Another project will spend $410,484 to resurface Tangerine Avenue in Lake Placid in fiscal year 2015.

Projects in other fiscal years:

2018, sidewalk along Ponce de Leon from Nadena Drive to Adrienne Street, $140,000

2015-17, bridge replacement on Rucks Dairy Road over C-41 canal, $3.1 million

2015-18, turn lanes at Arbuckle Creek Road, $600,000

2017, turn lanes at Manatee Drive, $83,586

2016, resurfacing Lakeview Drive from US 27 to Kenilworth, $2.3 million

2018, right turn lanes on North Olivia Drive, $400,000

2015, turn lanes, SR 66, $917,166

2017, turn lanes, Orange Blossom Blvd., $185,000

2018, right turn lanes, Payne Road, $465,000

2019, right turn lanes, Skipper Lane, $221,000

2018, project development and environmental study, Jefferson Avenue to CR 29, $8 million

2018, rail safety project, west of crossing to east of CR 17, Old State Road 8, $604,340

2015, rail safety project, Hammock Road to CR 621, $192,500

2016, sidewalk, from Comet Terrace to Grand Prix Drive, $384,000

2017, sidewalk, from Grand Prix Blvd. to Cougar Blvd., $123,000

2018, turn lanes at CR 17A to truck route, $80,581

2016, right turn lanes at Vicki Drive, $432,000

2017, right turn lanes at Sebring Parkway, $411,000

2017, right turn lanes at S. Highlands Avenue, $350,000

2019, left turn lanes at E. Phoenix Street, $181,000

2017, landscaping from Old State Road 8 to S. Main Street, $616,000

2015, Avon Park Executive Airport preservation, $1.5 million

2018, Avon Park Executive Airport revenue operations, $750,000

2019, Avon Park Executive Airport capacity project, $600,000

2017, Avon Park Executive Airport preservation, $1,827,150

2017, South Central Florida Railroad, rail capacity project, $5 million

2014-19, Central Florida Regional Planning Council, operating and administrative assistance, $5,382,280.



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