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Pepsi truck driver accused of reporting fake robbery

Highlands Today staff report
Published:   |   Updated: March 11, 2013 at 09:34 PM

A Pepsi truck driver who claimed he was robbed ended up in jail after his story changed and police noticed a bulge in his pocket, authorities said in a press release.

Dominic A. Parker, 33, 3085 Buckeye Point Drive, Winter Haven, was arrested Dec. 22 by Lake Placid police and charged with falsely reporting a crime.

Parker told authorities that two Hispanic males robbed him at gunpoint and left in a light blue Scion, two-door car, the press release said.

He also told authorities that as he exited his vehicle, the two robbers pulled up beside him and demanded cash and his driver's license, the press release said.

But an officer became suspicious after hearing Parker change his description of events and seeing a bulge in Parker's pocket that turned out to be $746 in cash, the press release said.

When questioned about the bulge, Parker admitted to making a false report, the press release said.


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