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Monday, Jul 27, 2015
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Martial arts mural dedicated

Contributed story

SEBRING - Spanning more than 30 feet on one wall and 60 feet on another, murals depicting figures performing martial arts moves now adorn the exterior walls of Martial Arts America on Kenilworth Boulevard.

Recently, Master Val Henry, owner, contracted the artist team of James R. Hahn Productions to create the punch- and kick-throwing artworks.

Henry sought out the Hahns for the mural work. Within the past year, the Hahns have completed several projects in Sebring that include: the 50-foot Sebring Centennial mural, designing the 312-foot Italian glass mosaics mural across from the Sebring Raceway, the Circle Theatre marquee, Kathy's Consignment murals, Essential Depot's 37-foot wine and soap bar mural, and at least eight more residential and business murals.

"After a meeting of the minds and discussing mutual ideas to create the proper active look for Martial Arts America, the Hahns went to work and recently completed the imagery," states a news release.

"They are getting a lot of attention and walk-in traffic has picked up tremendously," said Henry.

The Hahns were delighted to be involved in the project, the news release adds, as James Hahn learned Tai Chi early and admits that it helped his overall balance and ability to focus while on ladders and scaffolding.

Kay Hahn is no stranger to the martial arts, earning her red belt in tai kwon do and having three ribs broken in a heated sparring match with a third-degree black belt.

A crowd of almost 100 attended the mural dedication Saturday morning and students showed-off some of their hard-earned trophies.