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Elwell to host sixth town hall-style meeting

Published:   |   Updated: December 9, 2013 at 09:19 AM

SEBRING - County Commissioner Don Elwell will host his sixth town hall-style meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Plantation Ballroom of Kenilworth Lodge. For this meeting, however, Elwell has decided to somewhat change the agenda format, states a news release.

"At many of the previous town hall meetings, I've tried to briefly review and give updates on eight to 10 important topics affecting the county," Elwell said. "Although that seemed to work well, I think it might be best this time to focus on the two or three biggest, hottest issues we're facing right now, leaving some time during the meeting for an open forum where citizens can certainly bring up anything they like."

"The commission's current efforts to institute a successful countywide recycling program is certainly one of the most popular topics, as I get a lot of questions and comments on that almost daily. In addition, I've stated several times that we are staring at a major budget battle this coming year, due to a large imbalance between our county's revenues and expenditures. I could probably spend several hours on just those two topics alone, but I'll probably touch on the [Sebring] Parkway and the topic of privatization as well, which will certainly affect our upcoming budget talks."

As he's done for all of his previous town hall-style meetings, Elwell is inviting citizens from all political parties and groups to attend this informal gathering. Previous meetings have been well attended with anywhere from 60 to more than 100 residents in attendance.

The two-hour event will also schedule some time for citizens to weigh in on their own concerns.

"There are an awful lot of issues swirling about right now and I've learned as much, if not more, than the audience at these meetings. I have often used some of the ideas and suggestions that I gain from the 'town halls' to help in some of the decisions that myself and the other commissioners make."

"We've got some really big decisions directly ahead, but that doesn't mean we can't work together in making them. You'd be surprised what you can get done in a couple of hours when there's free pizza involved."

Pizza, sodas and bottled water will be provided.

For more information, call Elwell at 381-5622.


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