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Wednesday, Aug 05, 2015
Local News

AP seeks citizen input on garbage/recycling


AVON PARK - The monthly garbage rate may be reduced from $18 to $16 for the citizens of the City of Avon Park if they are satisfied with the current once per week garbage pickup.

The city council is seeking input on the city's sanitation service delivery through a web-based polling system.

"We are in the midst of budget development for 2014," City Manager Julian Deleon said. "The council is considering a sanitation rate reduction from $18 per month to $16 per month as long as services remain the same."

The same service means the city would continue with its once a week sanitation service for regular garbage and once a week pickup for recycling.

The city is recycling between 40 to 45 tons on a monthly basis, Deleon noted.

Deleon told the city council on Monday that he has received some complaints about the once-a-week garbage pickup.

Mayor Sharon Schuler said she also has received a couple of complaints about the once-a-week garbage pickup.

Some have complained about the smell, she said. People were not bagging their waste, but were just tossing it in the bin.

Residents can provide their input on the garbage pickup by visiting the city's website at:

Deleon advises that since the poll is on the city's sanitation service, it is only open to city residents and businesses. In order to vote, the street number and location ID is needed from the monthly utility bill.