Thursday, Nov 20, 2014


Giving up some electronic privacy is good in the long run

Depending on how you view the world, you might think new technology that allows your cell phones to be tracked by law enforcement as being either a great thing or big brother at its worst. Both sides are legitimate but it’s clear that having t...
Published: 11/16/14

Not passing the school half-cent sales tax was a potentially costly mistake

The collective wisdom of Highlands County voters wasn’t on display last Tuesday when they voted down the Highlands County School District’s proposed half-cent sales tax. Now there’s a chance a more painful tax will be implemented...
Published: 11/09/14

Important issues and candidates were decided upon in last night’s election

By now we know who all the winners and losers are in this year’s election. We also don’t have to listen to anymore campaign ads that have flooded our TVs for the past many months. But now that the smoke has cleared, it’s time to ...
Published: 11/05/14

Concerted effort critical to fix county’s address system

Imagine knowing that an emergency situation is happening and you need to get on the scene. The problem is, the address you’ve been given is either similar to other addresses or cannot be found at all. Nothing seems more maddening or frustratin...
Published: 11/02/14

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