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Friday, Jul 31, 2015

Letters to the editor

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Published:   |   Updated: March 11, 2013 at 08:38 PM

Religions have common thread

In 1947, an Arab youth tending goats along the Red Sea tossed a rock into a cave on a cliff, heard a "tink" and climbed up to investigate. He then discovered a cache of scrolls that is still stunning the religious community to this day. What he had found were texts written 100 to 300 B.C.E. (Before the Common Era or B.C.) by a Jewish sect called The Essenes.

The texts mention a "Teacher of Righteousness" who was killed and then sat at the right hand of God. Sound familiar?

Jesus never wrote anything down, nor did his followers. Only generations after Jesus' death was anything written about him handed down from oral recollections.

This "Teacher of Righteousness" and then the appearance of Jesus later would seem to be an amazing coincidence if it were not for the fact that the Christian Bibles' Old Testament is actually the Jewish Torah, nearly word for word. I'm just sayin'.

Now, before I'm hauled off to the Grand Inquisitor for heresy, I'd also like to mention that the Muslim Koran calls Jewish notables Abraham, Moses and Jesus "Great Prophets."

All major religions' roots are solidly embedded in Judaism, so why the butchery? Because greed corrupts totally, it would seem.

The Vatican's treasure hidden in its vaults and artwork on its walls would feed all of sub-Saharan Africa for years but nope, it's mine, all mine, says the Church.

Other religions want territory and to be thought of as "true believers" with a hotline to God, who commands them to kill indiscriminately anyone disagreeing with them. This is not what a benevolent God would wish; this is what psychotic individuals with a messianic complex want.

Buddhism is the benign religion with a gentle outlook on life that deserves a closer look as far as I'm concerned. Ever see a sad Buddha? Me neither. They're always laughing. Wonder what Buddha's hotline phone number is?

Charles Reynolds


Think carefully before voting

Yet another audit of the fuel centers of the county has found more incompetency of those in charge. Mr. Secory concurred that the audit was correct. The first time it was discovered employees were stealing fuel; one even confessed. Check county records.

The next time it was discovered, the system was turned off, and therefore anyone could pump fuel. All the keys were not accounted for and some were still in the hands of employees not working for the county anymore.

Now they still do not use the system installed to check on who and how much and when fuel was pumped.

My question and thoughts are why do we, the citizens and taxpayers, and therefore the employer, want to keep a person in an $80,000-per-year position if he cannot handle a simple task of record keeping.

More importantly, why should we give him an $112,000 job that he has no experience in when he can't do the job he has now correctly?

The only thing I know about Ms. Ogg is that she has eight years experience in the office and therefore is much more qualified than Mr. Secory. Early voting starts soon. Think, think and recheck their qualifications and vote wisely.

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William E. Clagg

Lake Placid