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Highlands Today
Published:   |   Updated: March 11, 2013 at 06:23 PM

Road safety questions

After purchasing a Sebring home in the late '90s and becoming Florida citizens, one of the first things to attract our attention was a Highlands story about the police department and the courts dropping over two dozen cases because they had simply not been tried.

Later on in the evening, I watched the police chase two culprits into the church lot behind us. A good police dog took care of the rest, so that kind of restored our faith in the folks in blue, but I did wonder if the suspects were ever tried.

Now that we're renting a condo on Lakeview Drive, we find the sidewalks almost unsafe to use with all of the bicycle traffic. A call to the Sebring police made it clear we had the right to the sidewalk, but that's difficult to explain to the 47 bikes that held us up one day after we tried to exit the library parking lot. When we checked with the police department, we were told bicycles belong in the road. Tell the bicyclists!

The latest surprise occurred a few weeks ago when driving on the bypass going south beside the high school and then noting a sign that indicated the end of the school zone. A few feet later we realized the transportation folks must have not realized there was one more school, Fred Wild Elementary, not marked as a school zone!

Then, we approached the hospital area before turning onto U.S. 27. At the last meeting of the commissioners, it was made clear that despite the dangers to patients and hospital employees, the next major work will widen the road and make some dangerous situations for drivers. One comment still rings in our ears: "At least the victims will be close to a hospital when they're in accidents."

SFCC is facing the same absurdity. When College Drive completes the bypass and goes through the campus, how many accidents and deaths will it take to prove this to be a poor decision?

Van Young


No real-life experience

This letter is with regard to the political cartoonist Margulies, which ran on April 8.

The American public may not agree with all of Rush Limbaugh's broadcasts, but we the people need someone in the news media to speak out on our behalf.

Everything in Washington is swept under the carpet, and the wink, wink, everything is rosy, isn't cutting it.

That is the reason our country is in such a mess.

Where comics and entertainers can defile and demean people running for office, it's "Hands off on President Obama." Remember what happened to Barry Goldwater. The press crucified him.

The press doesn't want to talk about the fact that in our current administration only 8 percent of appointees have ever worked in the private sector, that is, a real-life business, not a government job.

George W. Bush had 55 percent, Bill Clinton had 39 percent, George H. Bush had 51 percent, Ronald Reagan had 56 percent, Jimmy Carter had 32 percent, and Gerald Ford had 42 percent.

These are facts of history, not from Rush Limbaugh.

How can our president, or anyone in his administration, have a clue about how to get jobs started, or tell big corporations how they should run their business when they have never held a job themselves?

So, 92 percent of the current administration has never worked in the private sector. The corporate executives were quite successful four years ago, and these appointees should be where they put a lot of Americans in the unemployment lines.

But you won't ever hear the press or news media say or print that.

Folks, remember these facts when you go to the polls.

Ken Krug

Lake Placid


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