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Letters to the Editor

Published:   |   Updated: March 11, 2013 at 05:58 PM

Toll road to nowhere

As Florida cuts funding to social and health services that are critical to stemming even higher societal costs, we see them giving $34.7 million to special interests, like the Heartland Parkway.

Proponents of the Heartland Parkway want to place important and needed infrastructure, namely a multi-lane toll road, through undeveloped, wild, natural and agricultural lands that have no economic development on either side.

Why? Because private interests own land along the way — plain and simple. No other reason.

This toll road will destroy whatever is left of wild Florida. As we all know, it is the natural environment in Florida that makes people want to live here.

Take out the $34.7 million grab bag for Florida's richest and give it to programs that will keep people out of jail and out of hospitals.

It will put Florida's scarce tax dollars where they are needed most and save what is worth saving in Florida: our natural environment.

Maureen McKenna


Dangerous intersection

It would seem to me that a higher police presence would be beneficial on U.S. 27, especially between Florida Hospital and Highlands Regional Hospital, from 7 to 9 a.m.

I realize the police are quite busy and probably short-handed; however, speeding is certainly preponderant and obvious.

All intersections are especially dangerous and the one at Schumacher Road is a good example. Drivers take their lives in their hands. When the light turns green they better wait two or three seconds because the traffic from the other side is still coming the first few seconds of their red light.

That section of U.S. 27 is like a racetrack, especially with everyone speeding from light to light to make the green. It seems as if there are more pickup trucks on the road at that time and they are the worst offenders (probably late for work).

At any rate, the Schumacher Road area with school buses coming and going, the Walmart exit/entrance and the right turn on red make that intersection a real challenge.

The traffic does not remember to stop on red before proceeding to turn right. I would like to see more "No Right Turn on Red" signs used for these busier times, or perhaps a police cruiser parked in plain view would help.

There is a tragedy out there just waiting to happen. Good luck.

Hugo T. Pereira



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