Tuesday, Sep 23, 2014

Letters to the editor


Women and the church

Linda Downing’s Aug. 22 column concerning Women’s Equality Day displays a condescending attitude towards members of churches that do not ordain women to the priesthood or ministry. As she puts it in reference to such churches, “Those of us who know better must speak for those who do not and speak against those who consider women ‘less than’ in any arena.”

I belong to one of those churches and have never felt I was a second-class citizen because I cannot become a priest. Men and women have different roles which does not mean they are unequal in the sight of God. God chose to live among us as a man. Throughout the New Testament the church is called the bride of Christ. Catholics believe the priest, particularly when he celebrates Mass, represents Christ, the Bridegroom. I think this gives an idea of why Roman Catholic priesthood is reserved to men.

There are many churches available for those who differ from us. I assume Ms. Downing belongs to one of them. Why are my church’s teachings a concern of hers? Many Catholic women hold positions of power, within the church as heads of hospitals and colleges for example, and outside the church as political leaders. Surely Ms. Downing doesn’t think they’re all too downtrodden to think and speak for themselves.

Glenda Brannen


American industry

Many people think American industry and American workers don’t measure up to the rest of the world. I disagree with this assessment.

The first case in point is Polaris Industries in Minnesota. No, not Japan, China, Korea or Germany. Those four countries I consider to be nothing more than parasites on our economy.

Polaris makes innovative, quality machines such as Indian and Victory motorcycles. I can personally vouch for the quality of Victory motorcycles as I own two and would compare them to any bike made anywhere. They have standard features other bikes don’t have and are priced right. Polaris has made the sacred Indian name proud once again and these bikes are selling like hotcakes. Check out the new Indian Scout, along with new models of Victory. A high-performance three-wheel vehicle called the “Slingshot” will be available this fall from Polaris. There is nothing out there like it and it is powered by a reliable, performance-minded four-cylinder Chevy engine, which is a big selling point to me. There are already many people putting down payments on Slingshots. I believe Polaris will have a winner on its hands as the base model will be under $20,000.

The Chevy Corvette and Camaro Z-28 are both out of my price range. But these two Chevys can outperform overpriced European supercars which cost many times more than American cars do. The Chevys are a performance bargain. I’m not really a Ford guy, but the new 2015 Mustang that’s coming out has a lot going for it, in my opinion.

There are too many people out there who won’t give American-owned industry and products a chance and continue to send jobs and money overseas to the parasitic countries. Keep in mind, foreign cars have as many or more recalls as American cars do. I don’t work for Chevy, Ford or Polaris; I believe in American-owned industry. However, if you feel foreign products and workers are better than us, maybe it’s time your job gets sent overseas.

Jerry Nargelovic



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