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Letters to the editor

Published:   |   Updated: May 23, 2013 at 09:26 AM

New direction

The "fundamental transformation of America" has produced, among other things, this illegal gun smuggling operation called "Fast and Furious"; the attempts to pass "Card Check and "Cap and Trade," two innocuously sounding laws that would have eliminated the secret ballot during union voting in the former case and diminished U.S. sovereignty in the latter; the violation of parental rights by allowing 15-year-old girls to purchase the "morning after pill" without parental approval; the violation of religious rights by forcing Christian hospitals to provide health insurance that includes birth control, abortifacients, etc.; the disgraceful cover-up of the Benghazi murders of four American heroes; the strong-arming of the tea party and other conservative groups by the IRS while extracting information not under its prerogative; and the Department of Justice scandal regarding its tapping of phone calls made to and by AP reporters.

Note that most of these events are in clear violation of individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution. One wonders how such flagrant transgressions of the Constitution could have taken place without the knowledge of average American citizens? Well, for one thing, some were done under cover and were ameliorated by misinformation and lies. Afterwards, they were carefully handled to remain "under the radar" of the citizenry and subsequently, disappear.

Regardless, their reality is suddenly being uncovered for some loyal Americans simply refused to accept the propaganda and steadfastly resolved to determine the underlying truth. Their efforts were successful and there is now a substantial amount of public awareness of the malfeasance and hopefully more than a mere semblance of justice may be forthcoming in the near future.

Let us remain vigilant and pray that the will of our Creator will once again be embodied in all future acts, regulations and laws endorsed by our government.

Ray Stebbins

Avon Park

Diverse GOP

This is in reply to a letter attacking the Republicans printed on May 5. The Republican Party is alive and well in the 21st century. And do we cater to Hispanics, blacks, women and youth? Definitely. Do old geezers rule the roost? No sir.

Look at what's been happening. Young bucks are speaking out on behalf of all Americans - Senator Rubio of Florida, Senator Paul of Kentucky, Senator Cruz of Texas, Representative Ryan of Wisconsin, Representative Cantor of Virginia and Representative Bachman of Minnesota.

South Carolina has a new U.S. Senator, a black, appointed by a white female Republican governor. In Congress the "Gang of 8" is made up of Republicans and Democrats to get immigration moving.

Early on, President Obama appointed a Republican and a Democrat to come up with recommendations to cure our economic woes. The Bowles-Simpson committee came up with their report and Obama has ignored it. Where's the leadership when it's taken Obama five-and-a-half years to put immigration on the agenda?

In this state, the voters prefer Republicans in the legislature and governor's office. And there are Hispanic Republicans serving in Tallahassee. And women. The new Speaker Pro Tempore in the House is a woman, Marti Coley. Right here at home, Denise Grimsley is an influential member of the state Senate.

In this county, all but one office is held by Republicans. And at the college, a newly-formed Republican club is led by six young men and women.

It's all very simple - women and men, young and old, Hispanics and blacks like the sound of Republican ideals.

Bob Hummel



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