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Thursday, Jul 02, 2015

Letter to the editor Highlands Today
Published:   |   Updated: March 11, 2013 at 05:10 PM

Real horsepower

For centuries, men would ride into town on horseback, dismount, stride up to the hitching rail and wrap the horses' reins around the old hitchin' post.

Today the men (or women) ride their mechanical "steed" into town, dismount and plug their mount into an "old" electrical outlet on a post.

It seems to me that we haven't progressed very much other than our mechanical "steeds" today cost more to buy and operate than an entire herd of horses would cost. Why we traded horses for gas-guzzling, polluting, expensive, noisy, mechanical contrivances is a mystery. Taking care of a horse is a lot easier than taking care of children, no x-bots, weird clothes, etc. Just an old ramshackle barn will do. Today, people have to work three jobs to make their three car payments and, of course, fill all those gas tanks and pay that insurance.

Fall asleep on a horse and you'll get home just fine. Fall asleep in a car and you're dead (or arrested). Cars pollute horrendously, horses leave behind fertilizer (with a bit of methane of course). "Gassing up" a horse involves hay; gassing up a car involves paying ransom to the oil companies and OPEC and kissing the environment goodbye.

We had it made with real horsepower and didn't even know it until it was gone.

Charles Reynolds


Crime numbers

The revelation that crime has decreased was proclaimed recently. The news was intended to soothe the aches and pain, the utter frustration of millions of Americans caught in the awful web of a severe recession.

"It is now safer to walk the streets, even at night." Really?

The recent slew of attacks on shoppers in the malls across this nation is supposedly a blip on the crime charts. Women and old men being harmed (a few even killed) for the food and other commodities "are relatively fewer in number." But emotional and mental wounds are usually worse than physical ones. Read on.

Did those news reports include the millions of homeowners victimized by the horrific rash of toxic mortgages and the hasty and wrongful foreclosure fiasco? Did they include the sudden explosion of ID thefts and subsequent mangling of innocent people's financial status or the explosion of false Social Security claims? I think not.

The powers that be sought extra benefits for themselves, ignoring the destructive consequences to tens of millions of American homeowners and workers.

The lesson learned here is no one can be trusted, not even family members and especially government officials and business leaders. Rather harsh, yes? But true.

Law-abiding people especially must be constantly alert to preclude financial harm because they are more vulnerable. May God have mercy on those innocent victims.

Who comes to the aid of the victims noted above? Their fellow, "ordinary" Americans — the American spirit! Hopefully we'll be more alert in 2012.

Gabriel Read

Avon Park