Sunday, Dec 21, 2014


Climate change, really?

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I’m sick, literally sick, of the weather changes lately. I know it’s fall and as usual I welcome cooler weather, but lately the changes from one day to the next have been ridiculous....
Published: 11/30/14

Fur the love of cats

She was going to kill the cat; she was really going to do it this time. The self-saliva coated creature has been desperately clawing the carpet at our bedroom door every morning around 4:30 and my wife had finally had enough. ...
Published: 11/29/14

Expectation fuels advent

We search for meaning in our lives. Advent, celebrated the four weeks prior to Christmas, applies thanksgiving to expectation of something good. “Hold every moment sacred,” wrote Thomas Mann. “Give each clarity and meaning…...
Published: 11/28/14

Be thankful in time

Despite my best intentions to remain cognizant of the limitations of time, I once again received a stunning reminder of how quickly I forget. I struggle so to keep my focus on enjoying the journey in the busy pace of everyday life. Friendships fall b...
Published: 11/27/14

Opening your mind to new things is good for you

For as long as I can remember, I have had a strong hatred for cooking shows. Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely love food, but something about watching others cook it on television has always been unbearable. Recently though, I have learned ...
Published: 11/26/14

Letters to the editor

Immigration reform
Published: 11/26/14

Situation in Ferguson, Mo., is a sad state of affairs

It seems strange to most Americans that we still live in a time when we have to fear the fallout from a legal proceeding, but we’re seeing it played out in Ferguson, Mo., right now, as everyone awaits the results from a grand jury.
Published: 11/23/14

Letters to the editor

Christmas gift
Published: 11/23/14
If you think the world is crumbling, take another look

If you think the world is crumbling, take another look

It’s understandable why some people are ready to give up on the rest of humanity. They are awash in images of violence around us and across the globe. Turn on cable network news and you’ll see reports on horrific beheadings, natural dis...
Published: 11/22/14

The cat’s house rules

“I’m going to kill the cat today.” I entertain this idea about every three days when I attempt to sleep in a bit later than my normal wake up time of four in the morning. This cat, Lili, that became the most aggressive member of ...
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