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Wednesday, Mar 04, 2015


Livestock record book and deadline pressure

Anyone who has ever shown a fair animal before knows the overwhelming feeling of dread that washes over them when they hear the words “record book.” Out of everything that goes into raising and showing a livestock animal, my least favor...
Published: 02/11/15
Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

U.S. job drain
Published: 02/10/15

We’re still valentines

I met my husband on a blind date when we were in college. The whole thing was arranged by his best friend Jon, who was dating one of my childhood friends.
Published: 02/08/15

Bewitched, bedazzled and bamboozled

Long ago, before modern society, in a dark and irredeemable time before smart phones and tablets, before free wi-fi hotspots and touchscreen displays in cars, I was a young man. This primitive era was known as the Nineties. ...
Published: 02/07/15

Driving me crazy

We folks at Harris & Co. tend to be overscheduled most days as are lots of busy families. From forgetting someone has an appointment and then scheduling another, which conflicts with the first, to having to hold a family transportation meeting, it se...
Published: 02/05/15

Vicariously enjoying an athletic hobby

Anyone who knows me knows that I have the athletic ability of a snowman. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that people actually enjoy physical activity. As much as I try to have fun exercising, I think I have finally come to terms t...
Published: 02/04/15

A few simple changes would make U.S. 27 safer

No, U.S. 27 cannot compete with I-4 and many of the state’s other busy highways for sheer amount of traffic. It’s not even close. Just the same, there’s no denying that our congested highway - at least part of the season - has se...
Updated: 1 months ago

Letters to the editor

Military uniforms
Updated: 1 months ago

Here comes the book

Writing a book is a monumental undertaking, especially a first book. I really don’t have a clue if I’m doing it right. All I know is that I have a story to tell and I am driven to finish it somehow. Whether it will ever get published is...
Updated: 1 months ago

A walking catastrophe

The cat tried to kill me. Maybe I was feeling more unstable than normal, but I swear the way she darted in front of me when I was getting off the couch was a deliberate move to assist me in meeting an untimely demise....
Updated: 1 months ago