Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014


Men and their wonderful beards

As a kid I heard about a thing called the battle of the sexes pretty often. I am aware of the challenges women have had in securing equal rights, equal pay and equal status. Have you heard that anything a man can do, women can do better? That may be ...
Published: 10/04/14

Contradictions spell no battle plan

The world throughout all its times and seasons faces contradictions that defy sanity and deny God. Even Helen Thomas, the deceased veteran newscaster who covered 11 U.S. presidents, might quiver at her own accurate, prophetic words: “War makes...
Published: 10/03/14

The view from here

In January of 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After two months of tests, I underwent a twelve-hour surgery — double mastectomy and reconstruction. Three months later I began six weeks of chemotherapy to eliminate the disease from my l...
Published: 10/02/14

Fall is arriving soon

While it still may be raining cats, dogs and canaries most days, I’m certain fall has arrived to our sunny spot of Florida. True, our afternoon temperatures continue to hit 90s most afternoons, and the first, fresh breeze of autumn hasn’...
Published: 10/02/14

Spreading awareness about hunger

Since my trip to Washington D.C. this summer, I have become increasingly passionate about the issue of world hunger. This is something I have written about before, on several occasions. Each time I have written a column pertaining to this issue, I fi...
Published: 10/01/14
Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Political overcorrectness?
Published: 09/30/14

Letters to the editor

Vote for Compton
Published: 09/28/14

Giving coupons the boot

If there is one thing I hate it’s clipping coupons. The whole process seems like such a huge waste of time compared with the meager benefits. The only thing that’s worse is trying to sort out the right coupons to take to the store so I ...
Published: 09/28/14

Cat litter of life

Life is stressful in the Hutchins house right now. I’m not going to candy-coat anything here because, let’s face it, sometimes everything just seems like it is crushing down on all sides.
Published: 09/27/14

Wrong plus wrong equals more wrong

Some things are wrong and the more we try to prove them right, the more wrong they become. Sooner or later, a rotten platform crumbles. “Two wrongs don’t make a right” holds true. The rub comes in our definitions of “right...
Published: 09/26/14

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