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Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

America’s own demagogue
Published: 01/13/15

Religious extremism is causing our world to burn

Most of the world watched in disbelief as terrorists murdered journalists and cartoonists at a French satirical magazine last week. The horror of the killings, as well as the message it sent about free expression of ideals, left the civilized world r...
Published: 01/11/15

Letters to the editor

Limbaugh’s venom
Published: 01/11/15

Scenes from a chemo ward are different than expected

Sitting in a chemo ward watching numerous bags drip god knows what into your veins isn’t as bad as I expected. For me, the drugs haven’t had a huge impact on how I feel, other than some minor side effects. For others sharing the room wi...
Published: 01/11/15

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a drone?

I noticed several ads before Christmas that still have me thinking, not about purchasing the products offered, but about the ramifications if those products become widely used.
Published: 01/11/15

It was a good plan

It was the bittersweet last day of winter break. I thought I would save a little time and a make one less trip around Lake Jackson. In case you’re not very perceptive or “from out of the area” (yes, that is a local term) we have ...
Published: 01/10/15

Yearning for change in 2015

At the end of a manmade calendar lies a desire for transition, a yearning for change. This is normal; this is human; this is God-given. It is the “new” in New Year.
Published: 01/09/15

If pets could make resolutions...

I’ve already mentioned I don’t make resolutions. Unfortunately for me, my furry freeloaders have nothing but time on their paws, and cushy, cozy places of rest under their butts. Apparently they have been busy making focused declaration...
Published: 01/08/15

New Year brings with it resolutions

The first week of the new year is almost complete, meaning that New Year’s Resolutions are in full swing.
Published: 01/07/15

A resolution for 2015

Some years are better than others. We usually don’t think in terms of years, like when someone asks you how you are doing we usually think about that day, or just that particular moment.
Published: 12/27/14
Updated: 01/03/15

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