Friday, Sep 19, 2014


The game goes on

While I am probably the least athletic person you could ever imagine, I love watching high school sports. Most high school students can’t wait until fall rolls around and they can sit in the stands on Friday nights and cheer on their football ...
Published: 09/03/14

We fall for it every time

Looks like Floridians are beginning to realize that fall will soon be upon us.
Published: 08/31/14

Beach birthday cruising

Before school starts each year, my son has a birthday. This time, he turned 14. We took him and his best friend to a go-cart park. When I saw his long legs crammed into that tiny cart, I was reminded that he will be 15 next year and eligible to recei...
Published: 08/30/14
Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Voting signage?
Published: 08/30/14

Letters to the editor

Women and the church
Published: 08/29/14

Be careful about connections

“I see more interconnectedness than separation,” Steve McCurry, world-travelling photographer, says. He has seen it all — from awe-inspiring nature to war zones. Armed with a camera that has telescopic powers, he cannot be accuse...
Published: 08/29/14

Advice from a ‘Peaceful’ graduate

It got our attention because we were tired of paying off a debt only to finding ourselves quickly adding a new one to replace it. Our church advertised Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University program, but we already knew how to pay off a debt...
Published: 08/28/14

Welcome to the world of dual enrollment

As a junior in high school, I have quite a few more class options available to me than I have had in previous years. One of these is to take college classes in addition to my regular high school classes. This is called being a dual enrolled student. ...
Published: 08/27/14

Letters to the editor

One-cent tax
Published: 08/24/14

Don’t mess with marriage

Hollywood and the mainstream news media have perpetrated a huge hoax on the American people, and our courts have not only bought the lie, they’ve backed it up.
Published: 08/24/14

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