Saturday, Nov 01, 2014


Weighing college entrance tests

When most people think of junior year in high school, two things pop into their minds: the ACT and SAT tests. Eleventh grade is the time when most students, if they haven’t already, start thinking about their college plans. A big part of this ...
Published: 10/15/14

Local doctors donate time to help those in need

Anyone who looks around understands the many needs swirling around the people of Highlands County. From food banks to senior advocates to children caregivers to health care to animal rescue, they are out there. There’s no end to the needs. The...
Published: 10/12/14

Letters to the editor

Florida National Guard
Published: 10/12/14

Value is intangible

A person could go broke just shipping a package these days.
Published: 10/12/14

Taking care of his business

The boy has been wearing on my nerves lately. I feel like he has been literally gnawing on every sensory receptor in my body. Let me rewind to two Saturdays ago, the trampoline incident.
Published: 10/11/14

Maybe it’s not ‘who’ but ‘where’

He stands proudly, one blue foot lifted, the other webbed appendage grasping a rock. His yellow eye follows a razor-sharp beak turned upward to the sky. The blue-footed booby featured in October’s Oprah magazine perfectly illustrates Dr. Seuss...
Published: 10/10/14

‘Hot dogs’ aren’t healthy

Well, it appears the dog days of summer are quickly sliding into autumn and everyone is quite thankful. We enjoyed a weekend of amazing temperatures and breezy delight. On Sunday it just hit 80 degrees and that was a doggone good thing, especially fo...
Published: 10/09/14

Letters to the editor

Medical marijuana
Published: 10/09/14

Loss brings into focus what matters

Losing a classmate is not something any student ever expects to experience. We go about our days and lives, focusing all of our energy on juggling schoolwork, extracurriculars, and trying to wedge in a social life somewhere. The thought of one of our...
Published: 10/08/14

Legislative candidates refuse to address issues at home

It’s almost comical to watch candidates running for state office these days. They don’t address real issues facing Floridians. Instead, they yak about teaching Washington, D.C., a lessen or watching out of our interests when it comes to...
Published: 10/05/14

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