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Friday, May 29, 2015


I can live without my phone, or can I?

Enjoying dinner out, we caught up with a friend employed at the restaurant. Conversation turned to the devices glued to our hands most waking hours. He shared he always thought he could turn it off whenever he felt like it, but then it happened....
Published: 05/21/15

Looking under the hood is a good thing

Published: 05/21/15

Organization skills don’t carry over to bedroom

It is the running joke between my friends and I that I am pretty much the most organized person on the planet. From keeping my homework in separate file folders to color-coding my agenda, I would have to say that they are just about right – we...
Published: 05/20/15

Letters to the editor

Bring people back to church
Published: 05/18/15

Landfill, recycling estimate holds promise for our county

Is Highlands County’s search for answers regarding recycling and landfill management coming to an end? Well, not quite, but at least some headway is being made, and some of the early estimations look promising.
Published: 05/17/15

Letters to the editor

Honoring EMS professionals
Published: 05/17/15

What’s a vacation for?

It’s that time of year again, the time when we all start to think about summer vacations, and get serious about planning them.
Published: 05/17/15

Eye contact can save lives

Last week my wife wrote about her progress with developing the ability to apologize. To illustrate, she used a long forgotten (for me) argument in a drive-thru. She truly has been getting better at saying sorry, but only gave her own perspective....
Published: 05/16/15

Feeling insignificant is significant

There can come a time when one accepts, even craves, insignificance. Perhaps it follows a lifetime of striving to be our Type A best but never measuring up to our ideal, the sudden knowing that no business card, title, or achievement defines the itch...
Updated one month ago

Watch out for the alien heads

I had been blessed to attend a beautifully encouraging service at a local church and felt compelled to pass on the joy. Preparing a quick text to some dear lady friends of mine, I added a beautiful photo and ended my comments with a few emoticons. Th...
Updated one month ago