Saturday, Apr 19, 2014


Money disappearing at a theater near you

The crew doesn't often go to movies because there's rarely anything playing we care to see. It's been so long since I've gone to a rated-R movie, I'm sure it would send me to the local walk-in clinic.
Published: 04/10/14

Letters to the editor

Healthcare mess
Published: 04/10/14

College mail is worth the time

As I have talked about previously, my dream school is the University of Florida. I want to major in agriculture communications and I couldn't imagine a better place to study. However, when a student registers for major standardized tests like the SAT...
Published: 04/09/14

Technology isn't keeping up with our needs due to cost

Technology is a wonderful thing - most of the time. But as we've seen lately, much of the technology we use today is falling short of our needs, and the cost to improve it can be astronomical. We don't have much choice in some situations but to impro...
Published: 04/06/14

Letters to the editor

Garbage wars
Published: 04/06/14

Which gullible traveler are you?

"Hi. I'm Sally."
Published: 04/06/14

Understanding technology without a Ph.D.

"Hey Chris, What is the internet? I mean can you define it for me? And what is this "Hashtag" stuff? I looked it up and it's not in the dictionary, but everyone keeps on with hashtag this and hashtag that . can you give me a call and tell me what th...
Published: 04/05/14

Pet valet or pet hotel?

I could see it in print. Pet valet needed; must turn faucet on for cats as requested (by them), clean up hairballs before the dog does and vacuum daily. (I can dream, can't I?). Ensure pet bedding is fluffed according to individual pet preferences; r...
Published: 04/03/14

Scheduling classes is no easy task

During high school, there are plenty of recurring events each year. From homecoming and prom, to midterms and finals, they are almost acts of tradition. One aspect of high school that tends to be a headache each year is scheduling classes.
Published: 04/02/14

Highlands County needs leadership to make population more healthy

We have trouble right here in River City, friends, and it has nothing to do with pool. Highlands County's health is not good compared to the rest of the state and much of it is our own fault.
Published: 03/30/14

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