Friday, Jan 30, 2015


Is the church relevant?

A few generations ago in the U. S., the churches of Christians were the center of community life — at least, in small towns and close-knit neighborhoods. The social, civic, educational, and business worlds honored timeworn traditions, scheduli...
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Letters to the editor

Improving U.S. 27
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People I want to be like when I grow up

First things first - the title of this week’s column belongs to another writer. While I cannot claim these words as my own, I’ve certainly adopted them in spirit. This man, the writer I refer to, blessed me in many ways over the years t...
Published: 01/29/15

School dress code sometimes goes too far

As a high school student, I spend most of my time surrounded by rules. I am not allowed to leave campus for lunch. I am not allowed to have my cell phone out in class. While some of these rules are completely reasonable, others cause me to raise seri...
Published: 01/28/15

It’s doubtful that the world will be prepared for the next pandemic

If we learned anything about the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa, it’s that we - as a world community - were unprepared and the result could have been much more catastrophic than it turned out.
Published: 01/25/15

Letters to the editor

Hero snipers
Published: 01/25/15

What seems like a fundamental truth often isn’t for some people

Like a lot of folks, conjuring what motivates someone to do amazingly crazy things is kind of a pastime. I’m fascinated with trying to figure out what makes a person commit violent acts. Unless there is some motive - no matter how crazy ȁ...
Published: 01/25/15

I want what I want

If you read this column even occasionally you will likely already know that I’m no great lover of computers. I get along fine with my laptop and Windows XP. I don’t want anyone messing with either of them except me, because I’m n...
Published: 01/25/15

What really matters

A young man that is very dear to me reminded me of a simple truth just the other day. Some things are more important than others. Some things don’t matter, some do. Often what may seem important now really isn’t all that significant in ...
Published: 01/24/15

Light vs. Darkness: The Real War

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) may have assigned 2015 the most ironic title in history: “Year of Light.” The full title is the “United Nations International Year of Light and Light-...
Published: 01/23/15

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