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Saturday, May 30, 2015


Lost keys lead to ingenuity on teen’s part

My boy has misplaced his house key innumerable times and he’s actually lost it five times in the past two years. It’s not a big deal, but to him it seems pretty monumental.
Published: 05/30/15

Sometimes, ‘who’s wrong’ doesn’t matter

Most people will not apologize even when wrong. We must accept that.
Published: 05/29/15

Letters to the editor

‘America’s slippery slope’
Published: 05/29/15

Out of long lines and into online

The crew at Harris & Co. tend to have more to do, than time to do it in. Thus I’m always looking to reduce the energy we spend on stuff we have to do, hoping to increase the rare leisure time available.
Published: 05/28/15

Reality show stars under the spotlight

With the age of children playing outside and drinking from the hose quickly being taken over by kids taking selfies and using social media, and technology’s growing prevalence, especially towards the younger generation, how people are portraye...
Published: 05/27/15

Letters to the editor

Boots on the ground
Published: 05/27/15

Florida must get tougher on texting drivers

Short of drunk driving or falling asleep, few things behind the wheel of a vehicle are as potentially destructive as texting while driving. So what happens if you get caught doing it? In Florida the fine can be as low as $30. There’s something...
Published: 05/24/15

Who’s minding the store?

It seems impossible that another Memorial Day has come and we are still at war in Iraq, only this time we are losing, badly.
Published: 05/24/15

Small scale disaster planning

It was finally my Saturday off and I was hugging the toilet bowl at six in the morning. Life was never fair. The problem was that this was no normal Saturday. It was the big weekend after my daughter’s ninth birthday and we had plans. Big plan...
Published: 05/23/15

‘Going backwards while moving forward’

In another month we will be halfway through 2015. We have goals — or not. We moved forward — even if it doesn’t “feel” like it. The sensation of being thrust into this moment while being sucked into the vacuum of th...
Published: 05/22/15