Friday, Apr 18, 2014


We still celebrate Resurrection Sunday

Upon learning she had Lou Gehrig's disease, my aunt said: "It's not the dying I fear; it's the living." What she dreaded was the suffering and deterioration of her human body. What she believes is the word of Jesus Christ: "If you believe in me, you ...
Published: 04/18/14

On a roll at all times

I used to think it strange at first, but now I have become accustomed to it happening. I guess I'm accepting of the situation, so much so, it really doesn't even irk me anymore. It happens and instead of feeling a sense of aggravation, I simply shrug...
Published: 04/17/14

Cooking just isn't for everyone

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love food. I love trying new foods, but unfortunately I am not all that talented at making it. Long story short, I am a terrible cook.
Published: 04/15/14

Letters to the editor

Inconvenient truth
Published: 04/16/14

Passing in-state tuition bill for children of illegal immigrants is important to everyone

Florida legislators look like they're ready to do the right thing and allow children of undocumented migrant workers who have lived here for most of their lives to attend our public universities and not pay out-of-state tuition. Kudos to State Rep. C...
Published: 04/13/14

Letters to the editor

Squeaky wheel
Published: 04/13/14

It pays to keep an open mind

Yesterday I saw a statement forwarded online that read "In 100 years we have gone from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to teaching Remedial English in college."
Published: 04/13/14

Bad connection with nature

My husband, Chris, said last week that I'd be discussing Flintstone Golf, but I'm not. Instead, I'll be talking about how difficult it is for people from my lineage to go camping or, for that matter, have a relatively uneventful nature outing without...
Published: 04/12/14

Holy Week is about the present

The March issue of Oprah magazine espoused something few achieve: De-clutter or simplify life. Oprah, auctioning off her lifetime's stuff, said: ".knowing what you need is more than knowing what you want." That reduced Oprah's needs to her dogs and h...
Published: 04/11/14

Money disappearing at a theater near you

The crew doesn't often go to movies because there's rarely anything playing we care to see. It's been so long since I've gone to a rated-R movie, I'm sure it would send me to the local walk-in clinic.
Published: 04/10/14

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