Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014


Not a night owl

Most high school students have gained the skill of being night owls. From football games that go late into the night due to rain delays to all-night exam study sessions, it is pretty much a part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately for me, however, I...
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Look through the political nonsense to choose our next governor

It’s difficult to imagine a more nasty political race than what’s playing out in front of Floridians. The TV ads are enough to make Machiavelli blush. They make claims against each other that, if believed, should make voters reject both...
Published: 09/17/14

ISIS, boots and more

You can count me among those Americans who want to get my hands on those crazed cowards known as ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State, or whatever. I would truly love to confront a couple of those inhumane nutcases — yes, even at my advanced age!
Published: 09/17/14

Life is a real pain

Sometimes life is absolutely redundant.
Published: 09/14/14

Guess who’s in the kitchen

My moms (mom and stepmom) were both excellent cooks. They could take a recipe and whip it into pure mouth-watering gold. Heck, neither one really needs a recipe to make a delicious dinner; it seems like magic flows from their fingers onto the stoveto...
Published: 09/13/14

Forewarning offers no guarantees

We think that if we know something in advance, we might prevent, change, or direct its outcome. That will only be true if we act on our knowledge.
Published: 09/12/14

The first of many lasts

While it had briefly occurred to me, I hadn’t really processed the thought until I read the posting before me. My darling child’s photo was tagged “the first meet of my last season of high school cross country.” ...
Published: 09/11/14

Stuck in the school cafeteria cramps your style

I can honestly say, when I am in school, I usually look forward to one thing every day – lunch. I eagerly anticipate catching up with my friends on the day’s events and getting some energy before the rest of my classes. However, this ye...
Published: 09/10/14

Letters to the editor

FSU president
Published: 09/10/14
Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Respecting voting courtesy
Published: 09/09/14

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