Friday, Dec 19, 2014

Richard Hensley

Some necessary lessons are painful at first

Twenty-some years ago, I was a journalism student covering city council, feature stories, sports stories and just about everything under the sun for my professor’s weekly community newspaper in my hometown. I wanted to try something new ȁ...
Published: 12/13/14

Too many people lack empathy these days

No white person can imagine what it’s like living as a black person in America. Anyone who says otherwise is flat-out wrong. We’ve never been born into that, lived with and dealt with that situation.
Published: 12/06/14

Seeing an old friend in a child’s smile

Sometimes you cling to the memory of someone’s eyes and smile. That’s the case with Tony.
Published: 11/30/14
If you think the world is crumbling, take another look

If you think the world is crumbling, take another look

It’s understandable why some people are ready to give up on the rest of humanity. They are awash in images of violence around us and across the globe. Turn on cable network news and you’ll see reports on horrific beheadings, natural dis...
Published: 11/22/14

Domestic violence pushes some victims to the extreme

It wasn’t when Liysa Swart was being strangled into unconsciousness by her powerful husband that she knew she’d have to kill him. That was later. Her last thoughts before blacking out were, “What will happen to my children?ȁ...
Updated: 1 months ago

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