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Saturday, Jul 04, 2015

Dorothy Harris

The countdown has begun

In exactly one month, the end of school activity begins with a very important difference this year in the Harris household. Our daughter, a high school senior, will begin her last week of lower education. Here at the final mile, with the finish line ...
Updated: 2 months ago

Reflecting on life

This has been a week to give one pause. Struggles of dear ones remind me I often write about such petty things. Household and life issues, beloved pets - all of it is just the nonsense of the daily grind and every once in a while, perhaps something o...
Updated: 3 months ago

Good grief, I need groceries

Mr. Harris is the laid-back cruiser to my high speed self, and yet as a spouse, he is quite progressive. He cooks, cleans and shops, which I understand is an anomaly in these parts. While he shops, I write. Before you get any ideas, just forget it, b...
Updated: 3 months ago