Friday, Jan 30, 2015

Dorothy Harris

People I want to be like when I grow up

First things first - the title of this week’s column belongs to another writer. While I cannot claim these words as my own, I’ve certainly adopted them in spirit. This man, the writer I refer to, blessed me in many ways over the years t...
Published: 01/29/15

All the juicy details

We’re barely in mid-January, but it seems everyone is on the health kick once again. Folks who have never really exercised are busy adding a burst of fitness to their day and several ladies I work with have been bitten by the juicing bug. ...
Published: 01/21/15

If pets could make resolutions...

I’ve already mentioned I don’t make resolutions. Unfortunately for me, my furry freeloaders have nothing but time on their paws, and cushy, cozy places of rest under their butts. Apparently they have been busy making focused declaration...
Published: 01/08/15

What awaits in this year, now new?

Perhaps you have just run your first mile or are scanning the paper as you consider adjusting the menu for dinner, your first efforts to better life habits in the coming year.
Published: 01/01/15

Happy Christmas, however you celebrate it

It’s Christmas and if you’re actually reading my column this morning, you probably don’t have small children, you don’t celebrate Christmas or its several days later and you’re just catching up. Of course there ...
Updated: 1 months ago

Falling for the stars

Mr. Harris and I were walking the dog, enjoying the stillness of the chill night air when we saw it. Streaking through the velvety dark above us, the brilliant white ball left a tail like a comet. We were amazed watching it lazily arch over our house...
Updated: 1 months ago

Might I borrow your glasses, please?

The BFF and I played hooky from life for an entire Saturday. It was gloriously delightful, even if the crush of things looming over me the next day gave me chest pains. As I ran around like a sprayed roach, I couldn’t help but think we really ...
Updated: 1 months ago

When moving, what’s essential or extraneous?

The Harris family moved recently, during which we learned a few things about life. The first, which we sort of knew, but hadn’t really tested in a while, is good friends are essential to your stuff getting from one place to another. It’...
Updated: 1 months ago

Be thankful in time

Despite my best intentions to remain cognizant of the limitations of time, I once again received a stunning reminder of how quickly I forget. I struggle so to keep my focus on enjoying the journey in the busy pace of everyday life. Friendships fall b...
Updated: 2 months ago

So quiet you could hear a cricket chirp

“Go into my room and listen,” she insisted. “It’s driving me crazy.” It was just a cricket. The very loud insect had taken up residence in the bushes under her bedroom window, and she was not happy. The sound was pr...
Updated: 2 months ago

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