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Sunday, Aug 02, 2015

Dorothy Harris

Open for business?

On a whim we decided to take a drive and go out for lunch. Realizing it was Saturday, after 1 p.m., I decided to be proactive rather than risk another “closed for the summer” experience. Poor Siri couldn’t understand what I was a...
Published: 07/30/15

Ink fever is catching on

It never fails. Someone gets one and soon everyone wants one. Well, maybe not everyone, but a lot of folks. There’s just something about it which sparks a domino effect similar to that new car phenomenon. You know what I’m talking about...
Published: 07/23/15

Dingoes, boats and a gator warranty

Living adjacent to a small lake, a remote-controlled boat for Father’s Day seemed to be just the ticket to provide Mr. Harris with a little fun in the sun. Due to the presence of water fowl, we picked a spot that wouldn’t disturb the da...
Updated one month ago

Size doesn’t matter

It’s summer and the dressing is easy, or rather it should be. We gals yearn for cool, gauzy dresses and strappy sandals to keep us cool and comfortable as we run about town at work or play. It’s far too hot for hosiery or suits this tim...
Updated one month ago

Farewell to a fuzzy freeloader

Even though we knew it was coming, it didn’t make things easier. You get far too attached for it to not break your heart a little.
Updated one month ago

Heated thoughts on leaving pets in your vehicle

It was Father’s Day, about 2 p.m. and so hot any daddy would be sweating through his shirt in under five minutes and any momma’s makeup would slide slap off. As we got in the truck, the seat belt clip was hot enough to brand us and we w...
Updated one month ago

Line of sight keeps changing

I’ve spent the past two weeks trying to train my brain, or is it my eyes? Maybe both, since they need to agree if this is ever going to work.
Updated: 2 months ago

‘Freight fully’ good hobby

As the recipients of numerous sales catalogs we have never, to my knowledge purchased from, I’m always amazed by the response of Mr. Harris. For reasons unknown to me, and probably many other wives, my husband enjoys perusing tool and camping ...
Updated: 2 months ago

Advice to our graduates

As the dust settles around the recent high school graduation affecting our household, Mr. Harris and I couldn’t help but feel wistful. It may have been exhaustion from all the late nights - future parents of the next senior class be warned - o...
Updated: 2 months ago

Out of long lines and into online

The crew at Harris & Co. tend to have more to do, than time to do it in. Thus I’m always looking to reduce the energy we spend on stuff we have to do, hoping to increase the rare leisure time available.
Updated: 2 months ago