Thursday, Apr 24, 2014

Dorothy Harris

It’s that time of year again

I haven’t noticed yet, but surely it will become obvious over the next week or so, right? Snowbirds fly back north this time of year, although if I was one, I certainly would not head out yet. After all, there is still a possibility of cold we...
Published: 04/24/14

On a roll at all times

I used to think it strange at first, but now I have become accustomed to it happening. I guess I'm accepting of the situation, so much so, it really doesn't even irk me anymore. It happens and instead of feeling a sense of aggravation, I simply shrug...
Published: 04/17/14

Money disappearing at a theater near you

The crew doesn't often go to movies because there's rarely anything playing we care to see. It's been so long since I've gone to a rated-R movie, I'm sure it would send me to the local walk-in clinic.
Published: 04/10/14

Pet valet or pet hotel?

I could see it in print. Pet valet needed; must turn faucet on for cats as requested (by them), clean up hairballs before the dog does and vacuum daily. (I can dream, can't I?). Ensure pet bedding is fluffed according to individual pet preferences; r...
Published: 04/03/14

Farewell to the Highwayman

Dorothy L. Harris
Published: 03/27/14

No boys allowed please

It's been dancing in the back of our minds for quite some time now, waltzing closer every weekend and leaving us feel as though we'd better hip hop along. Prom season looms and we must shop. Dress, shoes, and glittery hair things are needed and, unfo...
Updated: 1 months ago

Whose truck is it anyway?

Now that the teen has her license, she tries to drive as much as possible. She not only wants to, but expects to. She drives to school every day. She drives home from practice. She cruises down to the pier to take photos some afternoons. She is in he...
Updated: 1 months ago

Time past for saving flies

Dorothy L. Harris
Updated: 1 months ago

Feeling cross about crosswalks

Working in lovely downtown Sebring, I find myself enamored with the daily hustle and bustle of the business district. From the historic buildings to regularly bumping into folks I know, it's a lot different from being out in the woods every day. Ther...
Updated: 1 months ago

No nut job dogs allowed

Dorothy L. Harris
Updated: 2 months ago

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