Sunday, Dec 21, 2014

Dorothy Harris

Falling for the stars

Mr. Harris and I were walking the dog, enjoying the stillness of the chill night air when we saw it. Streaking through the velvety dark above us, the brilliant white ball left a tail like a comet. We were amazed watching it lazily arch over our house...
Published: 12/18/14

Might I borrow your glasses, please?

The BFF and I played hooky from life for an entire Saturday. It was gloriously delightful, even if the crush of things looming over me the next day gave me chest pains. As I ran around like a sprayed roach, I couldn’t help but think we really ...
Published: 12/11/14

When moving, what’s essential or extraneous?

The Harris family moved recently, during which we learned a few things about life. The first, which we sort of knew, but hadn’t really tested in a while, is good friends are essential to your stuff getting from one place to another. It’...
Published: 12/04/14

Be thankful in time

Despite my best intentions to remain cognizant of the limitations of time, I once again received a stunning reminder of how quickly I forget. I struggle so to keep my focus on enjoying the journey in the busy pace of everyday life. Friendships fall b...
Published: 11/27/14

So quiet you could hear a cricket chirp

“Go into my room and listen,” she insisted. “It’s driving me crazy.” It was just a cricket. The very loud insect had taken up residence in the bushes under her bedroom window, and she was not happy. The sound was pr...
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