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Friday, May 22, 2015

Dorothy Harris

I can live without my phone, or can I?

Enjoying dinner out, we caught up with a friend employed at the restaurant. Conversation turned to the devices glued to our hands most waking hours. He shared he always thought he could turn it off whenever he felt like it, but then it happened....
Published: 05/21/15

Watch out for the alien heads

I had been blessed to attend a beautifully encouraging service at a local church and felt compelled to pass on the joy. Preparing a quick text to some dear lady friends of mine, I added a beautiful photo and ended my comments with a few emoticons. Th...
Published: 05/14/15

Important MAMMO-GRAM for you

“This special bulletin is for all you ladies - stop - We all know preventative care is important-stop-please make your annual appointment today-stop-because you are very important-stop.”
Updated one month ago

How about some beeping silence?

Walking in the pre-dawn darkness, sleep shuffling my way through about two miles most mornings, I find it’s really not too bad other than the-getting-out-of-bed part.
Updated one month ago

The countdown has begun

In exactly one month, the end of school activity begins with a very important difference this year in the Harris household. Our daughter, a high school senior, will begin her last week of lower education. Here at the final mile, with the finish line ...
Updated one month ago

Reflecting on life

This has been a week to give one pause. Struggles of dear ones remind me I often write about such petty things. Household and life issues, beloved pets - all of it is just the nonsense of the daily grind and every once in a while, perhaps something o...
Updated one month ago

Good grief, I need groceries

Mr. Harris is the laid-back cruiser to my high speed self, and yet as a spouse, he is quite progressive. He cooks, cleans and shops, which I understand is an anomaly in these parts. While he shops, I write. Before you get any ideas, just forget it, b...
Updated one month ago

Picking a purrfect pet

Looking at Sadie Girl, reclined on the chaise lounge, basking in the sun, I got a bit misty. Imagining her lonely beginnings waiting on someone to pick her, I was so glad no one had, because we became the fortunate recipients of this fine family pet....
Updated: 2 months ago

Let there be light, finally

This is a family which adores art and Mr. Harris and I enjoy traveling to the Ringling Museum to view the breathtaking canvases or driving to St. Petersburg to the Dali Museum. We try, a few times a year, to spend a day visiting an art museum we have...
Updated: 2 months ago

Soaring with Ms. Hawk

It’s been said children must learn to stretch their wings while still under parental guidance to ensure they don’t crash to the ground.
Updated: 2 months ago