Friday, Nov 21, 2014

Dorothy Harris

So quiet you could hear a cricket chirp

“Go into my room and listen,” she insisted. “It’s driving me crazy.” It was just a cricket. The very loud insect had taken up residence in the bushes under her bedroom window, and she was not happy. The sound was pr...
Published: 11/20/14

Please pass the hand sanitizer

Here’s my full disclosure before I get started. My own house is a disaster zone right now. The Harris household is moving, necessitating a sea of boxes, crumpled newsprint and cat fur. It’s not pretty and some days it stresses me out. I...
Published: 11/13/14

Trouble connecting to the internet

“What box is my deodorant in,” my daughter questioned, with complete expectation Momma would be able to readily answer. Normally I operate like a well-oiled and highly maintained performance vehicle, but I had hit the wall. “I ha...
Published: 11/06/14

Happy Halloween, or is it?

Is today Halloween or is it tomorrow? Wait, maybe it’s actually on Saturday, right? Oh my, all this confusion and we’re in the middle of a move on top of it. When are we supposed to hand out candy? Do we do it at our former home or our ...
Published: 10/30/14

Sacre bleu, c’est Joyeux Noel!

I ran into Stuff-mart to grab an item for my daughter and thought I’d take a quick look at fall decorations. I hoped to find a pretty fall-themed wreath for the front door. Imagine my surprise when I entered the garden section and walked smack...
Published: 10/23/14

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