Friday, Apr 25, 2014

Damara Hutchins

Bad connection with nature

My husband, Chris, said last week that I'd be discussing Flintstone Golf, but I'm not. Instead, I'll be talking about how difficult it is for people from my lineage to go camping or, for that matter, have a relatively uneventful nature outing without...
Published: 04/12/14

Geocaching gets another chance

My last attempt at geocaching did not turn out as planned. It happened about three years ago when my friend, Michele, and I dragged our kids into a creepy wooded area along the Peace River to search for a hidden cache just so we could say we found it...
Published: 03/29/14

Planning for the future

The conversation began with dust in the air. "Why does this dust float in the air all the time?" My daughter is becoming increasingly curious about the world around her. Sometimes I know the answers to her questions and sometimes, like the dust, I ju...
Updated: 1 months ago

Always up for a challenge

I'd like to begin this article by declaring that there is nothing wrong with my feet or my toes. I don't understand my husband's obsession with his feet. They are not the worst feet in the world and, for man feet, I suppose they are acceptable. I thi...
Updated: 1 months ago

Winter sports not for everyone

The Sochi Olympics will soon be swept into the record books and people will be left scratching their heads wondering exactly what happened to sensible winter fashion. In our house, like any Olympics, we act like we don't care what is going on halfway...
Updated: 2 months ago

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