Saturday, Jan 31, 2015

Damara Hutchins

A walking catastrophe

The cat tried to kill me. Maybe I was feeling more unstable than normal, but I swear the way she darted in front of me when I was getting off the couch was a deliberate move to assist me in meeting an untimely demise....
Published: 01/31/15

Saying yes to dress shopping

My friend and coworker, Duliana, announced to me last year that she was getting married. Sure, I was happy for her and her fiancé, John, but I was also looking forward to something more personal that could directly affect me: helping the bride-t...
Published: 01/17/15

Instructions not included

The giving season has completely passed, which means my kids have officially busted open every gift they received and all the boxes are at the curb ready to be picked up the next time our waste service rolls down the street. I have to say, I love and...
Published: 01/03/15

The Christmas letter edition

I received something in the mail the other day that was exciting to me. It wasn’t anything outrageous, just a letter, but the sender had thought about me and decided to include me, which made me feel special. She wrote one of those annual Chri...
Updated: 1 months ago

A hairy head full of steam

“Honey, can you please stop throwing your hair on the floor? Or ignore me and keep doing exactly what you were doing.” My enraged daughter was ripping her hair out of her brush and tossing it to the carpet. I was invisible to her. I had...
Updated: 1 months ago

The cat’s house rules

“I’m going to kill the cat today.” I entertain this idea about every three days when I attempt to sleep in a bit later than my normal wake up time of four in the morning. This cat, Lili, that became the most aggressive member of ...
Updated: 2 months ago

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