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Monday, Jul 06, 2015

Damara Hutchins

Putting our problems in perspective

I’m an avid Facebook user. In fact, I should probably get some type of an award for being so loyal and regular at spreading my inner thoughts for the world to see. The downside to social media is that you have to see what everyone else thinks ...
Published: 07/04/15

Summer trips make good memories

My little girl is still little. She’s 9 and just about to start that big growth spurt that will take her from a cute little princess to a pre-teen.
Published: 06/27/15

Snitches don’t always get stitches

Growing up is not easy. That statement rings as true today as it did 100 years ago, or at the very least, 30 years ago. My memory has been playing a few cruel tricks on me lately, but it has more to do with placement of car keys than what I was up to...
Updated one month ago

Drama is her middle name

Editor’s note: This column was originally printed in September 2012.
Updated one month ago

Small scale disaster planning

It was finally my Saturday off and I was hugging the toilet bowl at six in the morning. Life was never fair. The problem was that this was no normal Saturday. It was the big weekend after my daughter’s ninth birthday and we had plans. Big plan...
Updated one month ago

Sorry is not a four-letter word

Chris and I were in our early twenties and still had not learned how to get along with each other very well. We were in the middle of a huge argument, but also in the drive-thru of a Taco Bell. The bickering had calmed down enough for me to order....
Updated: 2 months ago

Growing up the hard way

Sometimes your children make you do things you don’t want to do. I don’t want to be a parent all the time. It is easier to lie around the house sipping on beer and taking frequent naps, but reality hits home when the children want or ne...
Updated: 3 months ago