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Friday, Mar 06, 2015

Joyce Minor

Secrets enrich holiday cheer

To me, one of the greatest joys of Christmas is keeping secrets. When my kids ask me what to get for their Dad or grandmother, or they share with me what they got for each other, it not only helps us avoid duplication, it heightens the fun and antici...
Updated: 2 months ago

Christmas is inconvenient

Holiday shopping online is a real minefield, especially for a novice like me. Either I can’t find the sites I want or I don’t have time to do it till it’s too late for delivery by Christmas or I chicken out because I’m wor...
Updated: 2 months ago

Thanksgiving keep on giving

Okay, it is now eight days since Thanksgiving, and we are still eating leftover turkey… and loving it. John and I both enjoy turkey so much that we never seem to tire of it. Rather than having to force ourselves to use it up, our problem has m...
Updated: 3 months ago