Saturday, Aug 23, 2014

Joyce Minor

Whatever happened to funny?

The recent death of comedian Robin Williams caused me to rethink what is and isn’t funny. In the process I realized that twenty-first century society really doesn’t know what’s funny.
Published: 08/17/14

Kids and critters are daily comedy

Seldom have I met a family with multiple children that did not eventually wind up with multiple pets as well. And so it went with our three kids.
Published: 08/10/14

Remembering the Minor Menagerie

Many writers have contemplated why we Americans are so attached to our pets. I think very often it’s the humor pets inject into our lives that truly endears them to us.
Published: 08/03/14

Staying close in a big family

My mother is one of 11 children, all of whom married and had children of their own.
Updated: 1 months ago

A free press is lacking

Maybe it’s because I was a cub reporter for my hometown daily newspaper before I even graduated from high school, but I have always been an enthusiastic advocate of our American free press.
Updated: 1 months ago

We need the Greens

Let’s get one thing clear, right now. The recent Supreme Court decision in favor of Hobby Lobby does not allow that company, or any company, to opt out of offering contraception to female employees.
Updated: 1 months ago

Doctors and insurance get complex

How do you find a doctor? It sounds like an easy question, but these days you can’t just pick one from the yellow pages. Never mind that most people don’t even have a telephone directory anymore. Finding anything that way, or that simpl...
Updated: 2 months ago

Good fathers live forever

As a child, I was my Daddy’s shadow. Everywhere he went, I went too. Everything he did, I tried to do the same.
Updated: 2 months ago

Sweat equity is for kids, too

The joys of remodeling an old house are never ending. You set out to fix or update one thing, but in the process find several others that must be updated first just to make the original project doable.
Updated: 2 months ago

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