Saturday, Nov 22, 2014

Linda Downing

Is age an issue?

Nothing is a “non-issue” anymore. Yet, that is what 37-year-old Becky Hammon, the first woman named a full-time assistant coach in the NBA, called her upcoming appearances in the men’s locker room—a non-issue. Well, okay &...
Published: 11/14/14

Uncertainty is only thing that’s certain

The Wall Street Journal is full of it. To be fair, so is the rest of the news. Liberal or conservative, left or right, there is no escape. Even within religion, it haunts us — at least in the short term. And yet, in an October piece for the Wa...
Published: 11/07/14

Let’s bury the walking dead

Just when we thought we had seen it all, the Mormons stole the Halloween spotlight by showing their underwear. What a clever idea for a costume — except, wait, the white, two-piece, modified long johns, referred to as “temple garments,&...
Published: 10/31/14

It’s time to be a scaredy-cat

`Tis the season when we celebrate being afraid or causing fear. Grown men scream and run without being called “scaredy-cat.” Real women wail and quake. Parents frighten their children, even babies, without being arrested for child abuse...
Updated: 1 months ago

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