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Sunday, Jul 05, 2015

Chris Hutchins

A new local pastime

June is well underway and here in central Florida temperatures are climbing. Soon, we will be in the midst of the hottest days of summer. The school year has ended so children (and parents) are taking a well-deserved break from the daily grind. Summe...
Updated one month ago

Lost keys lead to ingenuity on teen’s part

My boy has misplaced his house key innumerable times and he’s actually lost it five times in the past two years. It’s not a big deal, but to him it seems pretty monumental.
Updated one month ago

Eye contact can save lives

Last week my wife wrote about her progress with developing the ability to apologize. To illustrate, she used a long forgotten (for me) argument in a drive-thru. She truly has been getting better at saying sorry, but only gave her own perspective....
Updated: 2 months ago

Florida’s pass on the left law

Some things can be enjoyable and frustrating at the same time, things like learning to play a musical instrument or finishing the latest installment in a series of books before the next one is published. Golf is a fun but frustrating sport, and datin...
Updated: 2 months ago

Every generation has a fashion

Girls had big hair, guys had mullets, (but we didn’t know that’s what they were going to be called) stirrup pants and spandex were still on the scene and a concert shirt and jeans were acceptable attire for almost any occasion. ...
Updated: 3 months ago