Monday, Nov 24, 2014


If you think the world is crumbling, take another look

If you think the world is crumbling, take another look

It’s understandable why some people are ready to give up on the rest of humanity. They are awash in images of violence around us and across the globe. Turn on cable network news and you’ll see reports on horrific beheadings, natural dis...
Published: 11/22/14

The cat’s house rules

“I’m going to kill the cat today.” I entertain this idea about every three days when I attempt to sleep in a bit later than my normal wake up time of four in the morning. This cat, Lili, that became the most aggressive member of ...
Published: 11/22/14

So quiet you could hear a cricket chirp

“Go into my room and listen,” she insisted. “It’s driving me crazy.” It was just a cricket. The very loud insect had taken up residence in the bushes under her bedroom window, and she was not happy. The sound was pr...
Published: 11/20/14

Faith performance creates awesome experience

Most people who know me know that my faith is an important part of my life. Those who know me also know that I absolutely love to listen to Christian music. The weekend before last, two of my favorite Christian music artists, Josh Wilson and Sanctus ...
Published: 11/19/14

Domestic violence pushes some victims to the extreme

It wasn’t when Liysa Swart was being strangled into unconsciousness by her powerful husband that she knew she’d have to kill him. That was later. Her last thoughts before blacking out were, “What will happen to my children?ȁ...
Published: 11/15/14

Memorizing changes who we are

Do kids memorize anything these days, besides the latest Taylor Swift song? Is it a part of their education to know by heart any of the poetry and wisdom of our forefathers? What’s more, do they need to? Is it really time well spent for them t...
Published: 11/16/14

Every day is a holiday

Today is a normal Saturday. It just happens to fall between Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving Day weekend. This Saturday is like the middle child. It’s not the first born. It’s not the baby. Middle children are often overlooked and ...
Published: 11/15/14

Is age an issue?

Nothing is a “non-issue” anymore. Yet, that is what 37-year-old Becky Hammon, the first woman named a full-time assistant coach in the NBA, called her upcoming appearances in the men’s locker room—a non-issue. Well, okay &...
Published: 11/14/14

Please pass the hand sanitizer

Here’s my full disclosure before I get started. My own house is a disaster zone right now. The Harris household is moving, necessitating a sea of boxes, crumpled newsprint and cat fur. It’s not pretty and some days it stresses me out. I...
Published: 11/13/14
Seeking a great life is an individual thing

Seeking a great life is an individual thing

Elite Daily, an online news and entertainment site, published a column last week by Lauren Martin telling readers that if they’re comfortable in their lives, they should move to another city or state. The thrust of her column was that to truly...
Published: 11/09/14
Updated: 11/11/14

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