Thursday, Jul 31, 2014


Friends, life lessons forged at conference

Last week, I wrote about my experience in Washington D.C. visiting the historical sites. While that was extremely fun, the real purpose of the week was the actual leadership conference I was attending. I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the...
Published: 07/30/14

Stuffed animals don’t bruise

When I was a kid the local skating rink was the preferred youngster hangout. I am in my 40s, and although I haven’t roller-skated in a very long time I still have it – sort of. Initially I was pretty unsteady and couldn’t shake t...
Published: 07/25/14

Have we stopped being human?

Once we regard people as commodities, we cease to be human. Since Roe vs. Wade in 1973, America legally solves personal dilemmas and overpopulation by abortion that has now taken some 50 million lives. The courts decided that life—that is, bei...
Published: 07/25/14

Welcoming the changes

This past weekend our baby girl turned seventeen. You hear how fast time flies, but seriously, this is ridiculous. Somehow within the bustle of daily life, she has grown up. Ever closer each year to being an adult, I have already seen a few glimpses ...
Published: 07/24/14

Washington, D.C. is worth the visit

Since middle school, history has always been one of my favorite subjects. I have always found learning about the past extremely interesting. Whether it is learning about ancient wars or the fight for American freedom, I have always enjoyed learning a...
Published: 07/23/14

Collective experiences are what make a life

What would you see if your life flashed before your eyes? Most of us have considered this in passing from time to time, but as the years go by, it’s a bit more frequent - at least for me. And since I was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago,...
Published: 07/20/14

Staying close in a big family

My mother is one of 11 children, all of whom married and had children of their own.
Published: 07/20/14

The nuances to being a nuisance

I don’t always sneak treats into the movies. Most of the time I am a complete cheapskate when it comes to movie food product purchases, but last week my family and I spent our hard-earned money on a variety of overpriced items while visiting a...
Published: 07/19/14

Don’t quit too soon

Sometimes we quit too soon. We have heard that failure builds character, but we’d rather quit while we’re ahead — or behind — as the case may be. The untiring zeal of those who appear to hold the key to our future overwhel...
Published: 07/18/14

Commencing life training

There’s no denying our child is rapidly approaching adulthood. A tall woman myself, she now bypasses me by an inch. She becomes more independent each week and college looms in the near future. It’s time to roll out life training....
Published: 07/17/14

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