Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014

Minor, Joyce

Highlands Today

Here it comes again

Saturday, Oct 18, 2014 -

It’s that time of year again when “momentous” decisions begin to weigh heavy on the mind. Okay, so it’s mostly on the minds of women, especially mothers. Th...

Value is intangible

Saturday, Oct 11, 2014 -

A person could go broke just shipping a package these days.

Why is it so doggone hot?

Saturday, Oct 4, 2014 -

Is it ever going to get both cool enough and dry enough to exercise outdoors? Not in Florida, at least not this year. As it is, I can’t even walk from my door to the mailbox and...

The view from here

Thursday, Oct 2, 2014 -

In January of 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After two months of tests, I underwent a twelve-hour surgery — double mastectomy and reconstruction. Three months later I began six weeks of chemotherapy to e...

Giving coupons the boot

Saturday, Sep 27, 2014 -

If there is one thing I hate it’s clipping coupons. The whole process seems like such a huge waste of time compared with the meager benefits. The only thing that’s worse is trying to sort out the right coup...

Don’t mess with marriage

Friday, Aug 22, 2014 -

Hollywood and the mainstream news media have perpetrated a huge hoax on the American people, and our courts have not only bought the lie, they’ve backed it up.

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