Saturday, Nov 22, 2014

Minor, Joyce

Highlands Today

Memorizing changes who we are

Saturday, Nov 15, 2014 -

Do kids memorize anything these days, besides the latest Taylor Swift song? Is it a part of their education to know by heart any of the poetry and wisdom of our forefathers? Whatȁ...

Buzzwords are enough to give you synergy

Saturday, Nov 8, 2014 -

If you’re like me, every once in a while you get fed up with certain subjects, ideas and buzzwords that are so much in vogue they’re being beat to death in the marketplac...

I remember when…

Saturday, Oct 25, 2014 -

When I was a kid, telephones sat on your desk or hung on the kitchen wall. Most homes only had one, though by the time I hit high school some rich folks had a second one. When I was in...

The view from here

Thursday, Oct 2, 2014 -

In January of 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After two months of tests, I underwent a twelve-hour surgery — double mastectomy and reconstruction. Three months later I began six weeks of chemotherapy to e...

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