Monday, Jul 21, 2014


Fix our broken political system by starting with congressional district lines

Trying to figure out how to fix a huge, complex problem seems next to impossible when looking at it in its entirety. So how do you even begin? Well, you break it into smaller pieces and address them one by one. That’s what we must do with fixi...
Published: 07/13/14

Letters to the editor

Hobby Lobby
Published: 07/13/14

A free press is lacking

Maybe it’s because I was a cub reporter for my hometown daily newspaper before I even graduated from high school, but I have always been an enthusiastic advocate of our American free press.
Published: 07/13/14

Golf lessons passed down to others

Fourteen years ago I learned about “Flintstones Golf.” My father-in-law, Chuck, was a golf nut of the first order, he was utterly obsessed. He played every chance he could, at least a few times a week. ...
Published: 07/12/14

The lost art of thinking

Some of us crave time alone, or do we? What were we thinking, or were we thinking?
Published: 07/11/14

Letters to the editor

The “hand basket” business
Published: 07/11/14

Unsettled but satisfied at 50

“I figured at this age, we’d be all settled in our lives,” she said. “After all, I’m almost 50 and what do I have to show for it? At this rate, I’ll never be able to retire.” ...
Published: 07/10/14

Letters to the editor

Improved pooch
Published: 07/10/14

Packing for trips always causes stress

One of my favorite things in life is traveling. I live for vacations, not for the sake of relaxation but rather getting to explore new places. However, if I could skip over the packing aspect of traveling I would be as happy as a clam....
Published: 07/09/14

We need the Greens

Let’s get one thing clear, right now. The recent Supreme Court decision in favor of Hobby Lobby does not allow that company, or any company, to opt out of offering contraception to female employees.
Published: 07/06/14

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