Saturday, Dec 20, 2014


The Christmas letter edition

I received something in the mail the other day that was exciting to me. It wasn’t anything outrageous, just a letter, but the sender had thought about me and decided to include me, which made me feel special. She wrote one of those annual Chri...
Published: 12/20/14

What people fear most this Christmas

Many people name death as their greatest fear. Fyodor Dostoyevski, the great Russian novelist, believed that change is “what people fear most.” That dread in itself is a kind of death.
Published: 12/19/14

Falling for the stars

Mr. Harris and I were walking the dog, enjoying the stillness of the chill night air when we saw it. Streaking through the velvety dark above us, the brilliant white ball left a tail like a comet. We were amazed watching it lazily arch over our house...
Published: 12/18/14

Letters to the editor

College football playoffs
Published: 12/17/14

Ignorance isn’t always bliss

To be a functioning, or at least a true contributing citizen of the United States, you must have a good understanding of what is going on around you. Ignorance is the enemy of those who wish to be well-informed and active in society, in my opinion. I...
Published: 12/17/14


The level of cowardice shown by Taliban fighters who slaughtered 141 people at a school Tuesday demonstrates the kind of animals they are and always have been. Most of those killed and wounded were children.
Published: 12/17/14

Good things are shaping up in downtown Sebring

It’s exciting to consider that the Nan-Ces-O-Wee and Santa Rosa could see new life in the coming years. Nothing’s for sure, of course, but this is promising news to an area of downtown Sebring that sorely needs it.
Published: 12/14/14

Some necessary lessons are painful at first

Twenty-some years ago, I was a journalism student covering city council, feature stories, sports stories and just about everything under the sun for my professor’s weekly community newspaper in my hometown. I wanted to try something new ȁ...
Published: 12/13/14

Christmas is inconvenient

Holiday shopping online is a real minefield, especially for a novice like me. Either I can’t find the sites I want or I don’t have time to do it till it’s too late for delivery by Christmas or I chicken out because I’m wor...
Published: 12/14/14

A night to remember

It was the biggest night of my life. I was 18 and nothing I’d experienced before could’ve prepared me for what was about to happen. I had a date with a tall, foxy, redhead. She was 17 and had legs up to her neck. I’d pursued her ...
Published: 12/13/14

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