Monday, Sep 22, 2014


Letters to the editor

Flat tax
Published: 09/21/14

Why some choose terrorism

It’s not difficult to understand why young men in developing countries are easily recruited by terror groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda. They offer them a way to escape the poverty and hopelessness rife in the Middle East and Northern Africa.
Published: 09/21/14

‘El Huevo’ strikes again

Last week my wife wrote about our son’s ongoing cooking education.
Published: 09/20/14

Let them eat manna

“Let them eat cake” calls attention to the callousness of the “haves” toward the “have-nots.” The phrase, misattributed to the French Queen Marie Antoinette, was uttered earlier by a great princess upon learn...
Published: 09/19/14

I don’t care to watch TV

I’m sorry but I don’t want to watch television. Nor do I want to listen to the music blasting above the endless racket of U.S. 27. I also don’t want to enter my Kmart card, my Perks card or my favorite color. For goodness sakes, ...
Published: 09/18/14

Not a night owl

Most high school students have gained the skill of being night owls. From football games that go late into the night due to rain delays to all-night exam study sessions, it is pretty much a part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately for me, however, I...
Published: 09/17/14

Look through the political nonsense to choose our next governor

It’s difficult to imagine a more nasty political race than what’s playing out in front of Floridians. The TV ads are enough to make Machiavelli blush. They make claims against each other that, if believed, should make voters reject both...
Published: 09/17/14

ISIS, boots and more

You can count me among those Americans who want to get my hands on those crazed cowards known as ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State, or whatever. I would truly love to confront a couple of those inhumane nutcases — yes, even at my advanced age!
Published: 09/17/14

Life is a real pain

Sometimes life is absolutely redundant.
Published: 09/14/14

Guess who’s in the kitchen

My moms (mom and stepmom) were both excellent cooks. They could take a recipe and whip it into pure mouth-watering gold. Heck, neither one really needs a recipe to make a delicious dinner; it seems like magic flows from their fingers onto the stoveto...
Published: 09/13/14

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