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Saturday, Apr 25, 2015


Reinventing myself once again

In his tongue-in-cheek style, Roger Simon, writing for Politico, analyzed the “new persona” of Hillary Clinton, the reinvention of herself in her newly declared bid for president.
Published: 04/24/15

The countdown has begun

In exactly one month, the end of school activity begins with a very important difference this year in the Harris household. Our daughter, a high school senior, will begin her last week of lower education. Here at the final mile, with the finish line ...
Published: 04/23/15

Letters to the editor

Misguided mandate
Published: 04/23/15

Social media is a given in our lives today

As a teenager in today’s society, I am fully willing to admit that I am a frequent social media user. Social media is very clearly at the center of our world today, and it is hard to imagine that it has only really come into existence within t...
Published: 04/22/15

Letters to the editor

Trusting Iran is a mistake
Published: 04/20/15

Diversifying the economy is exactly what Highlands County needs

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what Highlands County really needs. It’s been evident for a long time and a lot of people work themselves silly to make it happen. Progress is slow, though, but improvements are on the way.
Published: 04/19/15

Letters to the editor

President Hillary?
Published: 04/19/15

This creep gives me the creeps

Okay, this is getting really weird, and I’ve had enough of it.
Published: 04/19/15

Every generation has a fashion

Girls had big hair, guys had mullets, (but we didn’t know that’s what they were going to be called) stirrup pants and spandex were still on the scene and a concert shirt and jeans were acceptable attire for almost any occasion. ...
Published: 04/18/15

Is it about Earth?

“It’s not about you.” That is the famous first line of the bestselling hardback nonfiction book in history, the second most-translated book in the world after the Bible — “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick War...
Published: 04/17/15