Friday, Aug 22, 2014


Owner gets stolen life-size statue of Obama back

Owner gets stolen life-size statue of Obama back after thieves put it on bench with a six-pack
Updated: 5 hours ago

Un-bee-lievable: 50,000 bees living in NYC ceiling

Un-bee-lievable: New York woman finds out she had 50,000 bees living in her apartment ceiling
Updated: 6 hours ago

Suspicious object turns out to be Star Wars toy

Suspicious object spotted on Juneau road turns out to be Star Wars toy taped to stick
Updated: 6 hours ago

County forgives $2.4M in bad speed-camera tickets

County dismisses $2.4 million in speeding-camera tickets, says cameras malfunctioned
Updated: 7 hours ago

Oops: County wrongly figured blood-alcohol levels

Sorry, officer: County incorrectly calculated blood-alcohol level of suspected drunken drivers
Updated: 8 hours ago

Lawyer wants seized $125K wine collection back

Lawyer wants back $125K wine collection that was seized and could be destroyed
Updated: 10 hours ago

Costa Rica angered by Swedish comedy show

Costa Rica not amused by Swedish comedy show's use of national anthem
Updated: 11 hours ago

California permits outdoor dining with dogs

Governor signs bill setting up rules for California restaurants that want to allow pet dogs
Updated: 11 hours ago

Md. ban on grain alcohol hurts violin makers

Maryland ban on grain alcohol hurts violin makers; they say it made a good varnish
Updated: 13 hours ago

German man evicted for squeaky swing set sex prop

German court upholds eviction of man for use of squeaky swing set in apartment as sex prop
Updated: 16 hours ago

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