Thursday, Apr 24, 2014
School starts ‘doggie day care’ for vet assisting course
Sophomore Rebecca Spencer, left, and junior April Garcia bathe Carlos the poodle Wednesday as part of the doggy day care program for Sebring High School’s veterinary assisting students. The day care program is open to faculty and staff to bring their dogs in for the day.

— Rebecca Spencer eventually wants to become a veterinarian, and being certified as a vet assistant when she graduates high school fits perfectly with...

Magazine ranks Sebring third among small towns in Florida
A broken pipe flooded hundreds of gallons of water recently at Turner Furniture, Avon Park.
Turner Furniture reopened soon after water pipe break
Avon Park freshman Daniel Simmons blanked Lake Placid on five hits Tuesday night.
Red Devils blank Green Dragons

Agri Leader

Illinois sawmill owner’s legacy lives on
Grizzly bear research may help human medicine
Security a challenge in post-Internet world
School teaches traditional timber arts

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