Saturday, Aug 30, 2014
SFSC to get its first franchise eatery
Glenn Little, South Florida State College vice president for administrative services, looks over kitchen equipment that had just arrived for the college’s Subway restaurant. He said Subway’s headquarters told him the company is striving to have one store for every 10,000 residents across the U.S.

– For 46 years, the standard hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, sandwiches and a variety of lunch dishes have been served to hungry students.

Woei-long La and his wife, Christina, talk outside Azure College’s Sebring campus while waiting to speak to school staff about her financial aid on Thursday. Jhonson Napoleon, president and CEO of the college, said he received inaccurate information about the Sebring location’s financial aid eligibility.
Financial aid blunder puts Azure students in a lurch
Special STARS athlete Joshua Conner, 6, flexes his muscles as he poses with a cutout of the Rock during the STARS’ 10th anniversary celebration.
Special STARS celebrate 10th anniversary
Gov. Rick Scott talks with students in a fifth grade class at Memorial Elementary School on Friday morning.
Governor stops at Memorial Elementary

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