Thursday, Apr 17, 2014
Online identity theft on the rise, survey says
Scammers have used credit card skimmers, devices they attach to the card reader, to steal credit card information at Highlands County gas stations, according to sheriff's office spokeswoman Nell Hays.

SEBRING - Online identity theft appears to be affecting more Americans, according to a January 2014 Pew Research Center survey.

Highlands County grapefruit may end up in South Korea
Bob Terrell with Central Florida Aquatics loads his boat into Lake Jackson at the Veterans Beach boat ramp March 19. The City of Sebring has decided not to help fund a study on the lake's water levels.
Sebring rejects participating in Lake Jackson study
Sebring's Emily Gilbert (33) rears back to throw out a Hardee runner during the opening round of the Class 5A-District 11 softball tournament on Tuesday. The Wildcats defeated the Blue Streaks 12-5.
'Cats scratch Streaks

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